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“I Was Raped” = “Sex That Won’t Be Counted”?

tumblr_nwvmdkY24D1trw3n8o1_1280…say what now?
we using ” i was raped” as jokes now?

another rousing statement from “the fuck boi chronicles”.
hyenas unite!

lowkey: i guess people just say anything now.
filters and fucks are out.

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Andrew Caldwell: You Can Be “DeliverT” Through Your Gayness from The “LordT”

396845_357267301009844_1295114252_nwell andrew caldwell is now a star!
he is proof that church can set you free!
ever since ( x his video of him getting “deliverT” ) from gayness went viral,
he has been the subject of various memes and blog entries.
mine included.
like myself,
thought the whole thing was a joke.
well andrew had some ‘splaining to do.
he was “goinT” be “foundT”.
he got on his facebook on why he did what he did…
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ever so often i get a fox mail that makes me stop in my tracks.
i turn my music/television off.
i sit in silence.
i get into that zone.

“how can i help this person?”

i start to breathe and gather my thoughts.
i got the following mail today and i had to post this immediately:

I need advice.

I recently was at my roommate’s birthday party and got really drunk. I am only 19 and that was my second time drinking. Well a few weeks later well today i was told by a person from Jackd that he basically heard that I was raped by a few fraternity guys. I didnt believe him until he described my bedroom and alot more things to identify. I would like to know what steps can I take if any to help this situation. When i attempted to get information from him he said he would not tell me and blocked me on that site. What can I do cause I have no evidence except I was hurting the next day and I have no way of contacting him again.

I really am feeling like giving up entirely.


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