Steven Wears It Well

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love that quote steven.
i love that cardigan even more.
can a fox get a lead on the threads?

lowkey: foxhole with bawdy.
your clothes should always fit snug on your muscular frame.
i’m open for shopping tips.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Steven Wears It Well”

  1. Meh…he’s lot appeal to me over time..and am I the only one that thinks deep v-neck shirts/sweaters on a dude is NOT becoming no matter how bangin your body is?

  2. I am a huge fan of Steven Beck!!! I remember him way back in the days of him posing for Playgirl magazine.He had a nice body then, but he has put on a lot of muscle weight and he’s got that body bangin for sure. I’ve heard a rumor that he will be in a reality show on Bravo….”Workout Atlanta.” Does anybody know the tea on this? I guess he will be one of the personal trainers on the show. I need the tea on this…lol.

      1. I’m sure he is ready! He likes the lime light and he seem to have a thick skin when it comes to the jealous jackals. He also seem to have a good personality, really down to earth.

  3. Steven’s body is banging for sure but I have to agree with JB above, I’m not a fan of deep V’s on men either. To be honest if you have a body like Mr.Beck anything you wear will show off your jackness.

    P.S. Hopefully the rumors about him being on Workout Atlanta are true, this would be the best way to get his brand out there. Then again it might just put a bigger magnifying glass on his mysterious sexual orientation and I’m not sure if he wants that.

    1. Mikey…if the rumors are true, and he will be on Workout Atlanta, I hope it’s not a hot ass mess like Workout NYC! Those trainers were an embarrassment!

  4. I guess I am from the Aretha Franklin school of low cut V-neck tops, the lower the better. I have a nice chest that I have worked on for years and I absolutely love to wear v-neck Thot tops in the summer time. Now I would not particular wear this without a shirt as I do not like to wear sweaters without a T’shirt or other shirt on up under it but I believe if you got nice chesticles you need to flaunt it. I have become a fan of Steven following him on social media, he has a cool ass personality that I think I like more than his physical features.

    1. No shade, but that instagram pic miserably fails to exude any degree of masculinity, if that was your goal…

      Yes to:
      No to:
      No to roped/tied/bondage/S&M chests:
      No to sheer ‘n gossamer:
      Conflicted, only b/c he’s still jai sexy:

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