How The DL Wolf Found Himself In The End

tumblr_m83p5iicSR1r8h6rlo1_500remember when the foxhole was all about kaldrick king?
he was the dl wolf trying to find himself on “la complex”.
his relationship with tariq was also very complex.
it was so intense that you couldn’t help but root for them,
even though it was also extremely toxic.
well a foxholer sent me their entire story that plays like a movie…

x click here if link doesn’t work

*it loads slow because its 2 hours

the how was ahead of its time.
it’s such a shame they ended them.
they could have taken that story line to higher heights.
besides their scenes,
the show was kinda corny.
no one cared about those other folks.
it may have worked now that more gay story lines are on television.
…maybe next time?


video credited: the la complex | the cw

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “How The DL Wolf Found Himself In The End”

  1. I loved their storyline, it always nice to see black gay love fully explored in tv or movies.(not that I have a problem with other gay love) I truly believe it was their storyline that was even keeping the show afloat for those two seasons. Their storyline on La Complex and Noah’s arc were my faves as far as black gay relationships on tv I could relate too.(I feel like I’m a mix of half Noah half Tariq) I know now there are lots of gay black web series online but I haven’t been able to find one that looks like it has a good budget, acting, or storyline I care about.

      1. Yeah I do like the zero storyline on that show, but that’s about it. It would be nice for someone to make a show ( drama or comedy or both ) that deals with gay men from all points of view (black, white, Latin, feminine, masculine, in between, etc)

    1. Hey Mikey, Take a look at, they also have their own YouTube channel Ballroom Throwbacks. Black & Sexy TV has some content. The only gay oriented one is with females. Andra Fuller is in one of their series titled “Rommie Lover Friends” which I enjoyed.

  2. I just did my daily morning click into the foxhole and saw this title and my eyes got big. I thought it was going to be a story of how Andra Fuller came out LOL. I am so thirsty. I saw the entire thing last year on Youtube and became an instant fan of Mr. Fuller as well as had a heavy crush on him. That story was so powerful and so relatable to so many of us. One of the best Black gay love stories I ever seen on TV, sadly we are still lacking this kind of true representation on TV but I have faith and with Youtube we have a lot of good options to view our story in a more realistic way.

  3. Andra is my homeboy.Just kidding😀, but he is from Houston.He graduated from Aldine HS and played football at Baylor University.He has a new show on TV One called Here We Go Again he plays Letoya Luckett(Destiny’s Child) baby daddy.

    I watch LA Complex all the time on YouTube,although I can’t watch the scene where Kal beats up Tariq in the studio.I often think could Tariq ever gotten back with Kal? Could you go back to a man who brutally beat you? I have never been physically abused so I can’t say what I would do.

    1. ^often times we go back to people who emotionally abuse us and not realize it.
      i use to think it was easy to leave someone who hurt me,
      but now,
      im not so sure if my self esteem is high enough to do that.

      and that’s real honest shit.
      no sugar coating and playing the “no pineapple will ever put his hands on me”.
      this is where I am in life right now.

  4. If you’re not patient o can’t watch it at all, YouTube has the complete storyline of Kal and Tariq

    I wasn’t aware of this show until BGCLive introduce me to it. I was super disappointed to find out it got cancelled and that it wasn’t even focusing on them entirely which is why I think it got cancelled in the first place.

    Noah’s Arc and Beautiful People was my shit back in the day when I was young and finding my comforter-bility as a gay boy, but who who else remember this gay black reality show on Logo “Shirts & Skins”?

    1. I remember “Shirts and Skins” it was the show about the gay black basketball team. They had some cuties in there, that was when Logo was trying to put different content out there. The only thing that network is good for is Rupaul’s drag race and a Golden Girls or Will & Grace mini marathon.💤

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