SongzBird Has 2 Reasons To Sponsor This New Song He Got


He promises to be shirtless.


He promises to be shirtless.

2 very good reasons, right?

Songzbird (his official new nickname in The Foxhole)…
has a new video coming out today on 106 and Park.

lowkey: Who hosts 106 now?
I haven’t watched that show since the early 200something…

Here is the new song in question…



I may just sponsor this album.
That PPP album was absolute a waste of my money.
Don’t EVER let that happen again.

another lowkey: i wonder who will win “song of the summer” this year?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “SongzBird Has 2 Reasons To Sponsor This New Song He Got”

  1. What is going on with music these days? “Bitches and the Drinks” is an acceptable hook now? Where’s the creativity in that?

        1. ^i do too,
          but i am starting to think trey is stuck in a box called “fuck me only” and it is hard for him to come out of it.
          as much as i love his material,
          he is pretty one dimensional, whereas artist before him who were “fuck me only” sung about other stuff.

      1. I agree. He’s gotten to the point that him being naked and eye candy is all people really care about. Truthfully, he did it to himself, but I’m sure that’s not all he wanted his career to be.

    1. Yea, I’m starting to lose interest in his music period. He doesn’t make much good music anymore. 🙁

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