Everyone Should Start Scratching Devin Thomas Off Their Hit Lists

Devin Thomas took to Instagram to announce something that broke a lot of hearts today…

He is getting married to his baby mama (or some UN-identified black woman)!

I’m confused because just last week,
he was in NY with some Vixen straight out of “Exxotical R Us“.

I’m retiring Devin Thomas to the “Wolf Hall of Fame“.
I’m pretty much over him at this point.

It’s not you Devin, it’s me.
I’m just going in a different direction in my life.
I feel like we haven’t been clicking for a while now.
You’re here; I’m there.
So, I’m moving on to bigger and brighter Baller Wolf pastures.

I’ll let the other Foxes, Hybrids, and Vixens enjoy you.
I’m good.
We had great years together for my archives,
but alas,
all good Baller Wolves sooner or later come to an end.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Everyone Should Start Scratching Devin Thomas Off Their Hit Lists”

  1. Good for him. Devin Thomas, for whatever reason, strikes me as someone who stays committed once he’s decided to be committed. Especially happy for him because there’s a child involved.

  2. I think that was his girlfriend was a few months back that he broke up with. I guess they got back together. She’s fine though.

  3. That’s one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of Devin at the top; but what’s up with that permanently arched eyebrow? Is he always gonna look surprised/skeptical?

    In any case, congrats – wish them all the best. Just remember that Victor Cruz is mine and we’re good lolol

    1. Maybe he was born that way? Mines are naturally thin and straight. We can’t help what we were born with…

      Congrads to Delvin and his fiancee *runs off to cry*

  4. Fantasia is sooo stupid for not snatching him up. He actually seemed interested in her hood ass. Smh!

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