so will we be rocking bangs for 2021? (drake seems to think so)

this is my favorite “look” of drake.
that beard/ceaser combo really did wonders for his glo up.
drake debuted his new hairstyle yesterday and…

is this a joke?
the pout is killing me softly.

my first question…

Why does the hair color not match the beard?

not only that,
which leads into my second

The hair texture doesn’t match the beard.

please tell me drake’s new era isn’t a throwback to some brady bunch shit.

…but seeing how most of these negros love to flex off some follower shit,
i’m sure they are buying bangs as we font.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “so will we be rocking bangs for 2021? (drake seems to think so)”

  1. I think the difference in color is because of the lighting. Drake has a white mother. The texture of his hair could reflect that.

    Cause if he got his edges relaxed…. walks out in annalise keating


    make no mistake…. I’d still let him wreck these walls

  2. Name one Disney Channel star who had this hairstyle and was ever taken seriously in music. Perm, relaxer or not, it looks fugly.

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