flash brown wants us to set the date for his latest “sceen”

set reminder.
put it in your calendar on your phone.
i hope the foxhole is utilizing these features on ya’ll phones.
a foxholer sent me an announcement that pornstar,
flash brown,
on his onlyfans today…

the question is will this be with another male or a vixen?

i guess we will be…

someone else who is subscribed will let us know what the deal is on jan 8th.

lowkey: what is he offering on his onlyfans for 50 bucks?

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “flash brown wants us to set the date for his latest “sceen””

  1. Whoever is subscribed please screen record and send to Jamari please. Lol, I wonder if this will be with a guy.

  2. He is “TROLLING” and “CASHING IN”:

    A) That Pic was a look-A-Like .

    B) Instead of ” Blasting” it he was smart to stay Quiet to ride the HYPE .

    C) On January 8th, 2021 He will reveal that its “Not him ” , show some content and collect that big Check from everyone who wanted to see whats really good .

    D) Ha ha ha ha

    E) Or … I could be very wrong

    1. ^who has that kind of time?
      he isn’t beyonce or rihanna lmao
      he isn’t even a kardashian.

      he just came out of jail and if he did alla that,
      ima need him to find better use of his time.

      1. Ha ha ha …..” He isn’t beyonce or rihanna”…Good one and very true(Smile) .I’m Just trying to play ..What if?… Jamari.. I just can’t believe that people get caught up in things like this..

        Flash has a career built up on his “seemingly “‘Straight” porn. Why would he post a picture of him sucking d#CK… Hell , I enjoy D#ck just as much as the next ‘Bloke” , but nobody is gonna film it!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha . Hell it could very well be him and he may just live his TRUTH!!!

    2. Finally someone who KNOWS how street niggas think/move, this nigga use to be in JAIL and does porn….I’m not expecting him to be an honest person, this is the Onlyfans game, anyone who gets caught up by it is just naive

  3. Random … and waaaay off subject… but anybody remember the attentionisto George Hill? Funny how timing works… onlyfans would’ve been right up his alley at the height of his popularity …. shrugs

  4. Do you recall reporting his ex wife putting him out there as messing with dudes when the abuse allegations came up? Did you ever do a interview with either of them

  5. Just seeing the caption saying BLACKED weirds me out. Never heard of this guy before the last post and won’t be clicking when it comes on the TL. The main pic is very flattering because in the video of him sucking he was hella skinny.

    1. Him being skinny would be recent and possibly only because of jail time. Very muscular, not thin.

      Flash Brown is the 2000s Marhold/Grandy Glaze.
      He may see these two recent guys as doing what he could have done.

  6. I believe like someone else said that it’s probably going to be with a Trans- woman. Which I think most of the guys in straight porn is bi- sexual because they are so close to each other during the gang bang porn.

      1. Flash likes trannies and he didn’t really keep that a secret. There is a video of him getting sucked by a well known tranny Pornstar before he went to jail a couple of years ago, can’t remember her name but it’s online.

        So Flash being into guys too, isn’t that much of a leap. He is most likely Pansexual. Sexuality is more complex than I think people (especially Americans) understand. A lot of guys in porn (and in general) are sex addicts and just enjoy sex no matter who it is with.

        I think he did post a video of himself getting fucked recently.

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