so viola davis is the latest in “let’s drag her outta here” (smh)

i absolutely love this picture of viola.
so viola davis is one of my favorite black actresses,
but as of late,
she has been getting dragged for something she said.
i know.
viola davis of all people getting dragged.
so she stars in a new movie i’m excited to see called “widows”.
she spoke about being in an interracial relationship within the film.
her love interest is liam neeson.
this what she had to say about it via “bbc america”

they’re dragging her because they claim it’s self-hate and white approval…

…but i didn’t take it that way tho.
i’ll even go as far as to font that i agree with her.

let’s be honest,
viola davis is a dark skinned,
53 year old woman,
within an industry that is known for racism.
she has been fighting hard for her big break for years.
some of us know that struggle.
the industry isn’t kind to black folks,
especially those of her age and complexion.
an older snow vixen,
at her age,
would still be cast as the love interest.
sharon stone,
robin wright,
diane lane,
and even michelle pfeiffer being the few.
it’s big to see her as a “love interest” or even considered “sexy”,
while being all natural in the process.
even worst,
todays standards of being “black” are mostly biracial actors and actresses.
from commercials,
other shows,
to ads i’ve seen on the train,
her “look” isn’t really highlighted.
i think she’s lowkey being petty to those who counted her out in the past.
the ones who didn’t hire her because of their own prejudiced.
viola has always been proud to be black.
i don’t think there is any self hate within her commentary.
i think she is happy to finally be taken seriously and break down barriers.
some of us really need to hear folks out before we drag them.
we gonna drag everyone until there’s no one left.

we don’t have anymore representation!”

well duh!
we done scared em all way.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “so viola davis is the latest in “let’s drag her outta here” (smh)”

  1. When it’s normal for 2 Black people who look Black to be considered a love standard by the mainstream, then this might be cool.

    When people think of love, they think of The Notebook. Two White people. When it’s cool for a Black man to be with a Black woman and they’re up there with the couple from Titanic, then interracial can be “cool”. We have people out here living life in Blackface, but we’re only good for thug roles?

    Let Black Love be great. You can’t say you don’t see color when 2 Black people are not considered acceptable as “love goals”.

      1. Nobody sent to see Beyond the Lights. When was the last Black romantic comedy that Black People supported…Think Like A Man?

  2. I look at it as her saying this is a black non-stereotypical role. I’m not understanding the hate.
    Let’s be real here, usually the female character is light-skinned with “good hair”. The male is dark-skinned and the “thug” type.

    As for the comments on love, I’m guessing she means on-screen, between an interracial couple.

  3. Can somebody please explain to me what is the use of dragging people. just because you disagree with some body doesn’t give nobody to call people out by their name or make them feel less than.

  4. Okay now people are pulling at straws here, This woman has always spoken out about how hard it’s been for dark skin women in the industry and how she herself can’t believe the opportunities that have come to her. Her comment was spot on as a darker skin, older woman, who is rocking her natural kinkier hair type. Honestly speaking these are the traits that most BLACK MEN don’t look for or don’t like in black women, hell I’ve seen more white en who date black women date those who have these traits. I can’t think of many films where a white man is dating or marries to a dark skin black woman and her race is not used as bullet point in the story.

  5. I find it amazing how people can hear something but have no comprehension of what’s being said. I guess the comment was “too over their head” so instead of analyzing, let’s complain about it. I’m a long time movie buff going all the way back to the 60’s. There were a number of Black/White love affairs (The Josephine Baker Story comes to mind) but you NEVER see a dark skinned women as the romantic love interest. Even with Diana Ross in Mahogany it was always the “accepted white view” of black beauty. I can’t find any fault in what Auntie Viola stated….

  6. Wow. They love attacking folks and I thought a movie was about to get made with two Black actors falling love in space. Its that guy who played in the new Start Wars and one of the girls from the Black Panther movie.

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