So Kelly Price is Involved In The Chris Brown/Soulja Boy Nonsense?

they are realllllllllllly serious about this fight.
i hear it’s in dubai because the us don’t want that fuckery.
well at least kelly price is booked.

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12 thoughts on “So Kelly Price is Involved In The Chris Brown/Soulja Boy Nonsense?”

  1. Please tell me this is not really happening, because they are both my crushes…

    Also, where is the post about the other sex tapes that have been released?

    1. Ok I’m like they serious and their punk asses could take a jet to where that person and just fight. I’m like you both losers

  2. I haven’t being paying attention to this because I am not a fan of either one but is this a charity event? Does the money from the ticket sales go to the winner’s favorite charity?

  3. Kelly not only lost weight but she has lost her damn mind to even be associated with such a low class affair as this. I guess it is tough in these streets for R&B Diva’s to have to stoop to singing at a Crackhead boxing match. We are truly living in the last days, Jesus is surely on the way back. Trump will probably host the fight at his Casino. This is platinum level FUCKERY!

  4. Wait…this is a joke, right?! Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are gonna have a boxing match?!
    How sad. LMAO

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