So Good News: I Have An Interview! (The Bad News…) pays to tell people when you are going through it.
you don’t know who knows who and is willing to help you.
well i got some good news from a vixen who wants to help me…

today i got a text from a vixen i met working fashion week.
we talk pretty much every day.
she has asked me for advice and vice versa.
she also knows that my job is pretty stressful.

“i may have something great for you love.
when is your lunch break tomorrow?…”

someone she knows is looking for an intern for image consulting!!!!
they need someone to help with their wolf clients.
it is free work,
but its also a chance to network and hopefully get something permanent.
so i’ll probably do it nights and weekends.
she said they are willing to work around my schedule.
i’ll be going on my lunch break to have a quick interview tomorrow.
31-roc-boyz…the only issue is i’m sick as hell!
flu symptoms are beatin’ my ass down something terrible.
i’m barely getting by at work.
i need to make a good impression tomorrow.
not feeling like this:

tumblr_m3kk9801P81qg39ewo2_500i decided to close all my windows,
turn my heat saver on,
and see if i can sweat it out tonight.
i really need to be better by 6am.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “So Good News: I Have An Interview! (The Bad News…)”

  1. Good luck man. I hope you get it so you won’t have to spend your days being around those people anymore.

  2. So happy for you good luck, even though it’s free work I have a feeling once they see how you go above and beyond they will find you something permanent.

    P.S. I’m sure your interview outfit will literally e knock their socks off

  3. Thinking about The Alchemist….the universe has a way of meeting you at the point of your needs. God is moving, so don’t worry about your “flu symptoms”. What’s for you is for you! Smile and connect with the eyes: they’ll be like putty… 😎

  4. Good luck. Be sure to not hide your cold symptoms too much. If they know that you are sick, then you’ll get brownie points for showing up anyway and you’ll get brownie points for wanting the position enough to show up sick.

  5. Wish I had seen this entry earlier tonight. If you have any peppermint tea, drink some without sugar to help settle your stomach.You’re probably asleep now and that’s a good thing. Rest is paramount. Break a leg tomorrow! I have confidence in you.

  6. Dude, use Dayquil. I had a bad cold and had an important interview that was actually a tryout. That stuff suppressed the symptoms long enough for me to get through the day and back home where…I took Nyquil to get through the night!

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