Season 7: New Shenanigans And Boxing Gloves

tnjYbXwi just said yesterday:

“i wonder when they gonna release the trailer to #rhoa?”

…and no sooner i said it,
the trailer for season 7 released today…

Arthur-Blanks-Struggle-Facei’ve waited a long time for this…
and it was kinda…
don’t get me wrong,
i’ll still watch,
but it didn’t really have any excitement like last season’s trailer.
well ( x porscha won’t be on it ) as much,
so thats something to look forward to.
#rhoa makes its way back november 9th at 8pm on bravo.

lowkey: is peanut going to be on it?
he and claudia jordan were thick as thieves during “rhodes-gate”.
i have a feeling all of claudia’s skeletons are about to raise from the dead.
devin thomas being one of them.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Season 7: New Shenanigans And Boxing Gloves”

  1. I don’t even think that’s the full trailer, it’s usually like three minutes long. It will come out in a few weeks I guess.

    That altercation between Phaedra and Apollo was the day he was supposed to go to prison lol. He wanted her to give him some commissary money. Phaedra gave him what he came in with….nothing lol.

    Cynthia is turnt up ain’t she? I was like oh shit Kenya taught her well.

    Claudia is fine as hell tho. I always thought she was bad.

  2. I can already tell I’m not gonna like Claudia. And I’m mad Porsha won’t be on as much because she’s my favorite

    1. I think they wanted Porsha back, but she had no story line, and she can’t keep talking about Kordell. She is now seeing Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, but of course he can’t be on the show.

      Claudia is worse than Kenya believe it or not, and if you haven’t heard how she can get….man. She’s got a mouth on her and makes Kenya look like a saint.

  3. Aww sookie sookie nah… Phaedra always cracks me up cause she plays hard to hide her hood ass past. But I remember her from Tiny n Toya on BET in the cut. Nene is washed on this show. What does Claudia Jordan do? Pretty, but can’t keepa man at 40? Hmmm. And Porsha storyline should be her ass taking history lessons and trying to get on with her life by getting her associates. Kandi and the mamas. Rolls eyes. 7 seasons in and she can’t find some catdaddy peen to distract Mama Joyce? “Steps down”

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