so i didn’t get to watch the superbowl last night.
i ended up watching something else.
that is code for “i kinda didn’t care” tbh.
but i was happy to know odell beckham jr got his ring.
i did like ( x the superbowl half time show ) too.

Question: I love Mary,
but why was she there?
She is an east coast artist that was signed to an east coast label.
They coulda called Keyshia Cole since she is the west coast.

i do have a question tho…



Is the panny over?

no one is wearing nah masks and folks are on top of each other.
are we done with the pandemic way of life now?

Author: jamari fox

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  1. I found that disturbing as well.

    I’m quite sure they used the following:

    A) Rapid Test.
    B) Proof Of Vaccination in specified areas.
    C) Mask and Temperature Checks

    I understand that the majority of people survive Covid ,but one life (especially the Elderly and Health Compromised) is valuable enough for all of us to protect and be cautious.

    Wear a Fucking Mask! —Get the Fucking Vaccine —-or keep ya ass a home!!!!

    Shit, I didn’t want the shot either , but I got it and the booster to prevent giving it to another Human and getting sick clogging up the Healthcare facilities!!!

  2. I love Keyshia Cole but no lmao. She, K.michelle and countless others are in the lane MJB created. 50 Cent from NYC, Em from Detroit. Dr. Dre has produced hits for all artists so think of the Halftime Show as Dr.Dre and friends. Lastly those celebrities have access to top tier Healthcare and drugs that the average American will never get. Much like the time when Donald Trump became very ill and Dr’s administered drugs that were still being tested and it saved his Life. Unfortunately they’re not worried about it and the people this pandemic hurt the most were poor and disenfranchised people. Meanwhile Billionaires and the extremely super rich are living and aren’t affected. Capitalism fucking sucks 😔😪

  3. @Jarmari, it is my believe that Mary was there, because, she is called the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, she and Dre started about the same time, she sung back up for big daddy kane, (old skool rapper for the youngsters, out there…lol) and she collab with both coast. So, I’m guessing that is why

    1. Jamari Dre Produced everything played that night except 3 songs – No More Drama, Alright and Lose Yourself. Thats why MJB was up there.

  4. The NFL has way better tracking with Covid. Most of their games are filled with Vaccinated people only and for some stadiums that are outside, they don’t have to wear a mask. The Superbowl was in a dome so more than likely, everybody there had proof of vaccinations and were practically family of the team.

    What they do too is fill a camera area with majority staff and family and the fans that are vaccinated are in the upper decks. It may have seem like its unorganized but the NFL is very smart and organized.

    1. How, when Aaron Rodgers lied about his vaccination status? He put teammates and employees at their facility at risk and was he even held accountable behind that? Nah, dude went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and talked about cancel culture because folks took him to task. If that is smart and organized, then I hate to see what disorganized looks like!

      Now the NBA when they had their players in that bubble environment, and with strict guidelines during the pandemic…THAT was organized and smart. They had literally no cases, as opposed to the NFL, which ran a totally different environment..and had cases out the ying-yang.

      1. True but you can’t blame a few people on what the organization does altogether. Its a couple of NBA players who are not vaccinated and James Harden put his teammates in the same situation as Aaron Rodgers but its not saying the league itself is that way. People are going to find a way to get by and eventually they do get caught. James Harden was at parties reckless with his, yet he still playing ball. No they don’t go hard on them because these vaccinations can’t really be enforced regardless who set the rules. That’s a medical choice they choose not to take. Yet we know how all that goes. Both leagues have strict rules to keep their players safe. Both have players who out their teammates at risk but what can we do about it.

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