Slapped The Taste Out

slapslapslapslapi’m tired of hoodrats.
i’m tired of ghetto shenanigans.
i’m tired of people pulling out their phones to be on worldstar.
i’m just tired of it all.
is it just me?
so i know everyone saw this video with ^that mangy mutt getting slapped back into her mama’s womb yesterday…

i know her face was stinging.
he slapped a new hair style on her.

tumblr_inline_mgw44lH6da1rzir5wbut likeeeee this is new yawk for ya….
some of these females are way too aggressive for their own good.
how is she going off tellin’ someone get their money up?
i’m completely ignoring she said she got steve madden on tho.
chick you on the damn train in something out of strawberries!
poppin’ all that shit she shoulda been in an uber taking her ass home.
look i’ll be completely honest:

she deserved every inch of that fire slap her in system.
i feel no sympathy whatsoever.
quote me.

women need to understand men are still stronger than them.
the “domestic violence crew” today was trying to cape for her heavy.
why come?
her little cheer-leading squad was putting that fresh battery in her back.
she was disrespecting that dude.
not only that,
but she slapped the camera man’s phone out his hand.
she was violating everyone over a fuckin’ 8 ball jacket.
damn right she needed a slap back into reality.
she isn’t dating that man.
there is no history of abuse.
she was being a bully.
guess what happens to bullies?

daniel-jacobs-giovanni-lorenzo-faceafter a while you get tired of their shit and they get washed.
man or woman,
she had no right to put her hands on anyone.
even with her verbal,
he should have still slapped her.
you don’t know who is crazy out here.
who is going through a tough time.
she getting on his clothes,
but what if this man just lost his job?
was feeling some kind of way about it?
here she go being disrespectful with her hood rat crew.
i’m glad she ( x ended up getting a charge ) for her behavior.

reality shows got people thinking they invisible out here
they think they can pop mad shit and fight with no issues.
well there is no camera crew waiting to break shit up.
you will not be taken backstage for make up and some water.
this is real life and you will get handled.
maybe even shot.
keep your hands to yourself and don’t let this look of “mangy mutt”:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.54.49 PM…be you.

lowkey:and who was that random dumb ass fighting in her honor?
he should have been telling that loud mouth hoe to sit her ass down.
the entire video is just tragic all around.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Slapped The Taste Out”

  1. She got slapped rightfully for being a bully. People nowadays commit suicide for being bullied. Like you said Jamari, this man could have maybe lost everything and have to wear someone old clothes or whatnot. She could have bullied this man to death not knowing anybody situation. So I’m glad he made an example out of her and kicked her friends ass too for being a part of what people think is cool “The Mean Girls”. I see so many people brag about having a nasty attitude and a nasty mouth like its supposed to be attractive (thanks to reality TV). This generation makes me shake my head all the time. I have teenage siblings and I feel so sad and worried when I see things like this because I don’t want my siblings dealing with this. I teach my siblings to stay away from stuff like this but as you can see sometimes is unavoidable as in even in the public. smh

  2. I would’ve done the SAME thing if that was me. Not because you’re a woman and have a vagina you think I’m gonna let it slid. HELL NO! If you think you’re woman enough to come at a dude sideways like that, then you’re woman enough to withstand the consequences.

  3. Yea, she deserved this one man. I wouldn’t have done it, but I can’t blame him. She was doing way too much, especially when she hit him with her shoes. Nah

  4. I was waiting for the slap , I can’t stand people like this . Ones who bully and think because they are 1.) black 2.) young and 3.) loud they can do whatever want. Smh at times our people can be our own worst enemy .

  5. That one guy whom defended her honor was her male friend J. I would have too though he smacked the dog shit out of her when a tap would have did the trick.

  6. Had she been white would she have deserved to b slapped or is that only for sistahs? Either way, dude who slapped her s going to jail. I hope believing she deserved it is a comfort to him. She’s black so he will only be inside for a little while. If he had slapped a white girl under the same circumstances, he’d be old and grey before he got out.

    1. He was not chargd, she and her loud, boisterous girlfriends were…. they dropped all charges against him rightfully. I don’t believe in hitting women, as I facilitate a court ordered men’s group for batterers.i felt conflicted, however my gut tells me she deserve what she got..she initiated , instigated, attacked. She opened the door, now she pays the price. I bet she won’t do anything like this to another v man for a long time.

    2. This is not a race thing. She shouldn’t have hit him. It was over nothing. She got hit back with force because she crowned him with force. Like begat like

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