“F” Is For “Fucked” On The F Train

the other morning,
well the morning i first started the temp job,
i was early af and the mta decided to play me.

“There is train traffic ahead of us”

it had us stuck in a tunnel for about 15 minutes.
by that point,
my anxiety started to get the best of me.
it wasn’t the type of train we could walk between cars.
it felt like i was in a packed steel box.
i had to turn on the “brilliant idiots” podcast to keep me focused.
thank God for charlamagne and andrew.
so i’m surprised no one sued yet with this following story.
the “f” train in new yawk stalls in a tunnel,
the lights shut off,
the a/c goes out,
and panic ensues.
sounds like a horror movie.
well this is the story via the ny times
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Slapped The Taste Out

slapslapslapslapi’m tired of hoodrats.
i’m tired of ghetto shenanigans.
i’m tired of people pulling out their phones to be on worldstar.
i’m just tired of it all.
is it just me?
so i know everyone saw this video with ^that mangy mutt getting slapped back into her mama’s womb yesterday…
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