When The Going Gets Tough, The Kim Kardashian Gets Naked

-1kim kardashian gets naked!”
words i’m sure don’t shock you or me.
well ^that is the “rated: kim” verison to her latest cover for paper magazine.
this is the other that an f-bi sent me…

-2 tumblr_inline_nbfumjt49v1r6jzi4oh sorry.
that was rude.
i’ll cover my mouth next time.
i thought she was doing that “mother” thing?
you know…
…with that walking temper tantrum she got married to against her will?
or wasn’t she being a cartoon in a video game?
are we back to letting it all hang out?
was her mother on set telling her how to pose?
tumblr_n00a3tU6vc1toieuwo1_500nanny in tow i’m sure.
i mean…

i guess we can do this again for 2015…

lowkey: are the straight wolves still jackin off to this one?
are the snow foxes who like black pipe still cosigning her life?
i’m completely out the loop.
i thought they were letting “the big one” get some shine nowadays…

pictures credited: papermag

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough, The Kim Kardashian Gets Naked”

  1. she’s been old news…i’m SOOO TIRED of people giving props to these woman who paid for their bodies…what happened to NATURAL BEAUTIES…and even Kim doesn’t look lik Kim anymore…when she first debuted she was an Armenian beauty but not she’s had stuff done to her face and she looks like plastic version of herself….and her body has been augmented too since she came out…i just miss the days when natural beauty was celebrated…..even gay men are out here getting ass implants and etc…and for str8 guys i dont see whats the fascination because like my brotha said’ (he’s str8 as far as i know but these days you really dont know) he said the beauty of a phat ass is that it jiggles especially when you’re stroking it deep or beating it up…but with those implants and etc they’re stiff…i had seen a porno with two guys, one of the black guys had ass implants and when he was getting fucked doggy style his ass really didnt move…needless to say i was bored…but different strokes for different folks…if people want to continue seeing her then Kim make your bread!!!!!

  2. I actually like the champagne cover wy better than the naked one, I feel like there was no need for the nudity. Like we get it you have a big ass.

  3. Ugh wasn’t she crying on some episode when a magazine published nude pics of her saying she was tired of being naked? I guess that got old pretty fast #overitherandkanye

  4. Kim was pretty but she went to far trying to copy what the black female was naturally given. I wish women would stop this nonsense. Yeah I said it these women and foxes have to get the wolf with what they have or can offer sexually and as far as I’m concerned they can have them ain’t nothing worse than a man whom appreciates generics or what can please him and his selfish ego lol. We gonna see a lotta lonely ass people J either that or they have open relationships like a lot of the ones we worship and envy. I’m laughing hard right now cause everything gonna be out in the open soon.

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