Sean Harris: The Fione Wolf Friend

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lord have mercy on my sou…
i’ve ( x covered ) this wolf before,
but one of the foxholers reminded me about him.
all thanks to all these recent justin comb’s scandals.
its no doubt justin has fine wolf friends.
he played football for ucla.
he better.
ain’t nothing better than meeting the wolf friend and having to say a quick prayer:

please keep my ho-ish tendencies in check.
smashin’ the homies is not attractive.
i’ll make sure to add 20 dollars to the tithes bucket.

…or am i the only one saying that?
ok so i want to re-introduce justin’s friend,
sean harris

giphyhe is one of the two types:

  1. the quiet wolf you see at a shin dig.
    you cannot stop staring because he is FINE.
    you know those types that you can’t stop looking at.
    they usually come late at some straight event.
  2. he is dating your vixen friend.
    she brought him around once and you nearly fainted.
    you want to know if he is bangin’ her back out,
    but you are trying to be classy.

well sean use to live in new yawk,
but now lives over in cali.
he is an actor/nike ambassador fitness enthusiast.
uh huh whatever.
i don’t care if he robs banks
largemy eyes needs to see more of him for 2016 please.

lowkey: who has a dr on this wolf?
although i can only imagine how color struck he may be.
the wolves from cali need to be like that.

all images/videos credited: sean harris

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Sean Harris: The Fione Wolf Friend”

  1. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m starting to think there is a possibility that Justin could be gay. Like okay there’s that one good-looking friend but he has too much. It coming off as if he has a certain type. Idk, I could be wrong.

    1. I doubt it and keep in mind that why would Justin spend money like that on ole dude when his mom home foreclosed for only 800,000?

      1. Because that his mom’s problem and not his. Have you forgot who his father is? So he got money coming out of his ass, but not his mother.

    2. Good looking people tend to hang around other good looking people regardless of their gender,sexual orientation,etc.So it’s very possible he is straight with some straight good looking friends.I can’t personally think of any good looking guys who I know who only have average looking friends.They tend to have attractive friends.

      @Lindo Thanks for mentioning the new web series “About Him” I just subscribed to that channel so I won’t forget to watch it next month.I think that subject is interesting a straight guy finding out his best friend and his brother are sleeping together.

      1. Yea I am looking forward to About Him. It looks good. But are you going to watch Hit The Floor? I can’t wait for all of the eye candy and drama

  2. SMH…SMILE.. Justin and his friend …hmm…Pampered vanity is probably a better thing perhaps than a set of unwanted kids with some empty, vacuous and dizzy hoes.

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