Sam Smith Loses It All

Sam-Smith-stubble-main-600x703i often think that some bigger people look better big.
once they lose the weight,
certain body parts become enhanced that shouldn’t be.
heads and noses being two of them.
well sam smith decided to lose weight and well…

i thought he looked fine when he was bigger.
being fat AND gay tho…

1360885244…you know how that go in this life.
well he says that fat jokes hurt him more than gay ones.
this is what he told 60 minutes:

“If someone called me fat, that affects me way more than someone calling me a f—–,” said the crooner. “I think just because I’ve accepted that, if someone calls me a f—–, it’s like, I am gay and I’m proud to be gay so there’s no issues there.”

i feel like everyone has something that hurts them.
don’t act like you don’t.
being called “fat” is his screw.
i also feel somethings you shouldn’t admit out loud.
that gives people the screw driver against you later on.
i just hope he doesn’t become a sick figure in this weight loss.
you see how they ripped apart jennifer hudson when she started looking “bobbleheaderish”?
well was it “bobbleheaderish” or that annoying jenny craig commercial?

article quote: people
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Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Sam Smith Loses It All”

  1. Yes I agree, it’s the outfit that is not flattering on him. Also, I agree with in the gay life, being fat and gay would be challenging to deal with. Bravo Sam!!

  2. Eh, good for him though, coat looks weird.
    He’s still kind of “meh” for me as a person though, idk he seems kinda shady lol.
    Kudos on the weight loss though!

  3. I hope he is happy and that he didn’t do this for other people. “his head is too big”, so he should be unhealthy and obese again. Haters gonna hate.

  4. He lost 14 pounds in 14 days.Starvation diets rarely work for the long term.He mentioned he was an emotional eater.He ate when he was sad ,lonely,etc.So what will he use as a substitute for food?I wish he would have sought advice from a doctor rather than an author of a diet book.We will see if he can maintain the weight loss.Good Luck I remember seeing video of Oprah after she went on that crash diet and lost almost 70 lbs.

  5. If you’ve accepte being gay so the word fag doesn’t hurt, because you’re proud of being gay…Then the gay struggle and the Black struggle have more little in common than those who try to link the two could understand. I’ve embraced being Black, and the Nword doesn’t hurt, but that has nothing to do with pride. Ive just accepted shit won’t change…These unarmed Black men beind myrdered by authority figures are proof…Anyway, I’ve tried to like his music. Hasn’t quite worked out for me.

  6. i tell people if you lose weight, lose it for health reasons…the only place where ‘fat and gay’ don’t work is on these sex sites lol…in the real world it’s quite different and i’m a big guy and I ALWAYS get hit on by muscular and slim guys and older women which is funny to me…confidence goes a long way and style…you can be skinny and still look tore up….it’s all about how you carry yourself and also when i would log on a4a and bgc and etc i would always get my inbox hit up by different guys, many of which were the main ones declaring on their page ‘no fats and no fems’ and many of these same guys have little to nothing to offer besides a stiff dick…i’ve lost thirty pounds over the last year, i’m no Trey Songz by any means but good health is important and i plan to continue my weight loss journey…but i’m doing it for me…men and the antics that one deals with as a gay black man will continue to be there regardless of my size…good for Sam though but he needs to ditch the oversized coat

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