rip to our flatbush king, michael k. williams

you ever wanted to know someone?
you heard so many good things about them that you had to meet them one day?
it’s unfortunate when you have to hear about these things after they pass away.
they are just “another person” until you hear their stories.
they were a treasure that you didn’t get to have.
a luxury you didn’t get to experience.
in a world filled with shallow waters and low-hanging fruit,
a natural-born paradise is really a once and a lifetime oppurtunity.
i read all the kind things people had to say about our late acting wolf,
michael k. williams.

he died due to a drug overdose in his apartment in bk yesterday.
born in brooklyn; died in brooklyn.
 i didn’t know him personally but…

I did know him for two of his iconic roles through the years.

“Omar from The Wire”
Montrose Freeman from Lovecraft Country

omar was the most iconic because he played a gay antihero that wasn’t the stereotype.

even with the gay sex scenes on a show that mostly straights watched,
his character was so badass that they loved and respected him.
that is how i got my start with his work and how talented of an actor he was.
i saw him periodically on different shows,
but he really blew me away with his portrayal as tic’s father,
on “lovecraft country“.
he played a dl male who was hardened and running from his demons.
what depresses me is he got nominated for that same role for this upcoming emmy awards.
one that it was looking like he was gonna win tbh.

Imagine leaving this Earth and being shown that you were about to receive your flowers?

social media flexing,
the next “top -turned-bottom” on onlyfans,
and other superficial things aren’t what we will be most remembered for after we pass away.
people won’t speak much about how much sex you had or money you made,
but they will always remember the way you made them feel.

The time you brightened up their day when they were close to ending it all.
The day you started a conversation with them when they were feeling the most loneliness.
The advice you gave when they had no one to speak to.

those are the things i’ve read about michael k. williams from those closest to him.
they are broken because he left such an impact on their lives.
it wasn’t the accolades,
the expensive trips,
or the clubbing that many are speaking about.


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it was the kindness he left in people’s memories that is the most important.
rest in peace to omar,
to montrose,
to michael k. williams.
may his work and spirit will forever live on.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “rip to our flatbush king, michael k. williams”

  1. The 2020’s continue to be the one of the shitiest decades ever in life smfh. Literally was at a loss for words all day yesterday. Deepest condolences to his family and Tasha Smith. It’s crazy cause I had just finished rewatching The Wire for the umpteenth time the day before. Legit the greatest series ever and Omar Little will forever be iconic and legendary. He had a role on Boardwalk Empire (another HBO great) as Chalky White and was just as phenomenal. He may be gone, but he’s definitely never gonna be forgotten 👏👏👏

    1. ^i woke up from a nap and gasped so loud when someone sent me the news.

      i feel like when we all went to sleep the last day of 2019,
      we woke up in a new dimension for 2020.

  2. His loss is Heartfelt. Did you hear what that clown 50 Cent said? Basically making a mockery of his death. People fail to realize that energy always comes back around.

    1. Two of my good friends grew up with him and one remained close with him throughout his life. They have echoed the statements you’ve shared from others close to him. It all seems so unreal, like a bad movie or nightmare.

  3. This goes to show how great this man was. He played a gay robin hood. He put fear into people who put fear in regular people. I remember watching episodes where he was just going to the store to buy some Honey Nut Cheerios and instantly people ran and without a gun this man robbed a stash house just by walking by. The way he gave life to Omar shows how talented he is. With Montrose, I am so mad at HBO for killing that second season because it was definitely needed, he told the story of who Tic father really was. Montrose raised Tic to be better than what he was. George wasn’t just his uncle, he was his real father. The crazy way they told it, Tic saved Montrose and his boyfriend. Every role Michael played, he brought those characters to life. What’s crazy I remember when he said playing Omar was hard for him because of how immense he was into Omar. He was so hooked he walked in a church and was ready to turn his life around. He had the same demon DMX had. That addiction demon is nothing nice. We get one more chance to see how wonderful he was as an actor. He truly will be missed.

  4. We must get a hold of this DRUG plague!!!

    I cannot take another gifted , talented bright light going dark ( Tears)

    We humans can be so beautiful yet tempted to fill our often-hidden sadness with dangerous tools of escapism and ill- perceived pleasure.

    Whitney , Micheal, Prince, DMX & too many non-celebrities as well lives have been lost . It saddens me. It keeps happening and this Fentanyl ( hidden & laced in the drugs) is really a monster !!!

    My prayers to his loved ones and his soul walk in an abundance of light hereafter!

  5. This is really sad. I just watched the Rick James documentary and what @blackisbeautiful said in his comment hit some kinda way. We REALLY DO need to have a collective response to this drug thing…and quite possibly the cult of celebrity.

  6. I literally had tears rolling down my face on yesterday. It saddened me to see another black king has been swept away so soon. We never know what, when, how, and where our lives will end. GOD has the final word. Praying for his family , friends, an associates that they be able to endure his passing and get relief from the joyful moments and memories that they behold. REST IN POWER MY BROTHER !!

  7. I remember watching Mr. Williams in the Netflix series Hap and Leonard. I found him to be a very intense actor. He had a presence that was undeniable. He definitely captured and held my attention.
    RIP Mr. Williams….RIP….

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