50 reprises his role as “the villain” for michael k. william’s death

ya’ll never shoulda shot this jackal 9 times and have him survive.
50 is the villain of the hip-hop community and plays that role unapologetically.
he’s a petty cancer (his birthday is the day after mine).
to some,
that has made him a hero.
they live vicariously through his villainy because it helps put batteries in their backs.
50 takes it to a whole other level and has made him pretty unlikeable.
i guess it works because many seem to be scared of him.
50 decided to post this on his ig in regards to michael k. william’s death

he quickly deleted and re-posted this:

….in which he quickly deleted.
according to 50,
he had beef with mkw back in 2018:



there are some jackals i can’t stand irl that if they died tomorrow,
i would probably have little to no empathy.

i’m being 100 with you.
the difference is i’m an antihero compared to his villain.
i would have kept all opinions for kitchen table talk than on a public platform.

we all have people we don’t like or beefin’ with.
it’s natural to be like “eh” if they die.
we don’t have to be fake and show remorse.
the thing to remember:

Other people don’t feel the same way.

there are plenty of people we can’t stand that others genuinely love.
if you want to cement your “villain” status,
you can do what 50 did.

i’m not shocked with 50 anymore tbh.
this is who he is.
i try not to be shocked when people do what i expect them to do.
if 50 posted:

“MKW and I didn’t see eye to eye in the past,
but it’s sad he left the world so soon.

…i probably would have fainted in confusion.
50 is who he is and has no apologies about it.
this is who he will be until he dies.
he is literally the human version of “they’ll learn to deal (seethe!)“.

lowkey: has 50 met his match yet?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “50 reprises his role as “the villain” for michael k. william’s death”

  1. Ever since Curtis shut down Ja Rule career, he feels he can do that anybody he wants now. Fif is the real life version of Petty Murphy.

  2. This man has no tact! If you don’t fck wit somebody then it’s cool but to go out your way to say something slice once they gone is kinda a simply move! If the issue is real you shouldn’t even give that person a second thought. This was an attention grab!! He a whole entire btch for that one!

  3. The crazy thing about this is that NUMEROUS people are having nothing BUT positive things to say about MKW. The love is being shown as clear as day. It’s true when they say once you’re dead you’re remembered how you lived. I wonder if 50 thinks about how people will remember and cherish him when his day comes. People need to learn the meaning of respect and being humble asap.

  4. 50 Cent is a punk and has always been a punk. My cousin used to beat his ass in school. He may play all big and bad, and have a lot to say now, but he’s a lil bitch at heart!

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