Rihanna Pours Gasoline on Miley Cyrus Twerking (Pour It Up, Pour It Up)

tumblr_mu23o5OB9B1syo8i7o1_500excuse me rihanna?!?!?
so “pour it up” dropped today and well…
oh and nsfw

rihanna said:

“i am the queen on this mainstream ratchetness.
you are just a jester in this court.
get that shit outta here!”

show miley vyrus how its naturally done.
thumbs up on the video.

lowkey: i never noticed how this is a good grind on your wolf song,
i always thought you got high/skrippas danced to it.
learn something new everyday.
i bet the hoes at the club this weekend about to show out when this comes on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Rihanna Pours Gasoline on Miley Cyrus Twerking (Pour It Up, Pour It Up)”

  1. I saw someone say that Rihanna actually twerks because simething moves when she does it.Unlike Miley “I’m ratchet and proud” Cyrus’s lower back spasms.

  2. Love the song, I do not like the video!! And that wig she has on is just wrong!! Not one of Rihanna’s best video!!

  3. I thought this video was sexy AF yo, dick is hard as shit!! I don’t care if her body count and record sales equate to each other. I wanna hit dat #ASAP

  4. I luv Rihanna, yes I do .. I am the biggest Janet fan alive and I know she must pass her torch over, with that being said, I have Placed Rihanna to the pedestal.. This video is very dull and dry.. I think she needs to come out with a more fun type video, keep the strippers or stripper theme, but something with a little more #POW .. This look likes a commercial for Stadium, Magic City or some ther high roller strip club..

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