Rihanna is Allegedly Transphobic? (The Survey Says…)

rihanna has been pretty quiet,
but she has been upsetting a few folks.
she posted the following on her insta snap for “international women’s day”.

folks really need to learn the definition of “phobic”.
phobic is an adjective that means:

“having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”

…and even still,
how is that post even transphobic?
don’t most trans vixens get surgery to be post op?

so if anything,
that art is pointing that out.
it’s also saying “fuck males” in a round about way.
most trans vixens don’t think or want to addressed as males.
if i’m missing something please help me.
i don’t even think it was her intention to offend.
this seems like such a non issue.
that community is super sensitive so they need extra care.

lowkey: lady gaga also got criticized for not including trans vixens in her tweet…

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read the tweet about rihanna : here

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Rihanna is Allegedly Transphobic? (The Survey Says…)

  1. Ummm…if you have a penis, then you are a man. That is a fact, not being transphobic. These hypersensitive people are nerve-racking and really need to grow a pair..(pun intended.)

    Jamari…no offense (I know it sounds offensive) but WHY do they have to “include transwomen?”

    The individual that tweeted that doesn’t make any sense… They themselves are acknowledging that transwomen aren’t real women by interpreting the pic that way and the criticism towards Gaga is for what….?

    How do they know she isn’t including transwomen as real women in her statement? She said “ALL” women. Transwomen don’t need “special recognizition” anyways.

    Though I have my views on the subject, they are my personal views only, so they don’t or will not be in line with others opinions.. However, I will say that..

    On the flip side that pic Rhi tweeted could be something positive, a statement of transwomen getting rid of their masculinity and becoming real women in their own nature. That’s how I see it.

    Looking at that pic can be empowering.

    It’s all mental. Negative people only see negativity…

    1. ^110%
      you hit the nail on the head.
      im starting to think they need to toughen up.
      not everything is meant for their plight.
      i doubt rihanna woke up and said let’s drag the trans community lol

    2. I took one look at it and felt she was swearing dick off for the day, since it was International Women’s Day.

      It’s really getting sickening when you have to police your own words so as not to “offend” someone (which will happen anyway). People need to get over themselves, for real. Everything that is said and done is not necessarily an attack on a person(s).

  2. “move on people..theres nothing to see here”

    There is no story or issue with this picture. stop making vaginas when a dick just wants to live

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