Ride His Crotch Like A Dark Horse

DARKHORSEso katy perry’s album “prism” has leaked.
i was all over that “roar” joint,
but this joint “dark horse” featuring juicy j tho…

tumblr_mt911tRgVH1si245xo1_500i hate juicy j for havin these snow bunnies in this trap music swagg,
but this song goes so hard!
that bass>>>
the “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah”>>>
i havent stopped listening to this song since i got the album.
i know 1 thing…
ciara would KILL this choreography.

tumblr_mnwd4fr0cS1soao3po1_500lowkey: i love the meaning of a “dark horse”:

“A mysterious or shy person who unexpectedly turns out to be the best at something.
A dark horse is a person who everyone expects to be last in a race.”

i’m cosigning this term to my life and the foxhole.
two thumbs up for learning something new tonight and getting some inspiration.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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