Refresher Course.

Since I found myself lusting over a pretty boy thug bottom
as my Foxes awoke me too,
a few posts down…


That’s better.

I can always step away but I always come right home.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Refresher Course.”

        1. I haven’t heard a thing about Devin behind the scenes. This man is tougher to break than Obama’s passwords. I’m mad I cheated on him with Bow Wow…. I was slippin!

          Bret Lockett is one thing, but Bow Wow Jamari? This is how I know I am horny.

        1. You know what? You are right. The mystery keeps me attracted to him. I have seen some football players whose business is all out in the streets and their “fantasy file” went into the trash.

          But see, Devin is Daddy. It won’t be that easy… Unless he had a real nasty attitude or nasty breath. Lol

      1. I can deal with a nasty attitude if you’re fine enough (Shallow? Sue me). And they make Scope and Listerine for breathe. You know, quick fixes.

        1. I tamed Mr Attitude at my job with his attitude and he is kind and courteous. LOL I will bring down a big head really quick (in more ways than one *wink*)

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