Bottoms Down


here’s the thing….

1. The video is stupid.
2. I have decided to let Trey Songz beat it… GOOD.
3. I am starting to like Nicki Minaj the more I hear her spit.
4. The video is really stupid.
5. Don’t even get me started on the title of the song.
Imagine if he is subliminally talking to all the bottoms…
(Would those wet panty holders be PISSED!)

I like Trey Songz and everything, but that video was boring.

Nothing about it made me like the song or hate it.
If I never saw it again, I would not miss it.

Plus, he had clothes on.

I do not like Trey Songz with clothes on.
I like my Trey with CLOTHES OFF.
He had on way too many layers being the R&B porn star that I love him to be.

Trey, baby…

You could have at least done this:


You know,
show the world how he plans on smashing it when he is behind me.

Trey is quoted as saying on MTVNews:

” ‘Bottoms Up,’ I feel, is a very creative video. [It’s] different from the norm, different than what I feel is expected of me and anything I’ve shot for that matter,” he told MTV News on the set of the video. “[Director] Anthony [Mandler] used a lot of different shooting techniques and I think it heightens whatever it is that the song has already. The drive, the vigor, the club anthem, the energy in the record is definitely heightened with this video.”

Source: Click here to watch.

Did I watch the video he is talking about, Foxes?
Toss this video in the TRY AGAIN pile.


5 thoughts on “Bottoms Down

  1. I LOVE NIKKI MINAJ!!!! I dont like the video either.. until shes on screen! (please believe i fast forwarded it) Its Nooottt really a trey songz type of style. I could see Chris(tina) Brown making something like this. And yeah, i prefer him with clothes off too. So if we do out best to get that message across i doubt he’ll make this mistake again.

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