r. kelly takes home the oscar for “best performance in a drama series”

i love ^this photo.
if you didn’t know the situation,
you would think gayle king is saying:

i sooooooooo wish you would…”

it’s r. kelly having a temper tantrum.
my favorite part of the interview.
like jussie smollett,
who i’m sure is thanking his lucky stars the spotlight is off him,
he stupidly decided to do an interview that revealed everything and all.
for both,
not in a good way.
r. kelly decided to do his with gayle king on cbs this morning”.
this is the outcome

simply “wow”.
okay foxhole,
so much to unpack here.
let’s start…

1he doesn’t know what a cult is?
i mean,
i know he can’t read,
but that made him sound like a moron of epic proprtions.

2 – he said social media created this mess about him,
but robert,
you been a low down dirty jackal since the 90s.
i heard the gossip about you from older folks who knew you.

back then,
it was all word of mouth.
he seems to think everyone who has a story is lying on him.
no one’s story has changed since they started telling it.

3 – “i have been assassinated and i’ve been buried alive…
but i’m alive”.

4 – he claims how “stupid” would he be to do something like this,
but he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.
has been fuckin’ up since the sex tape.

when he married aaliyah.
you would think someone would tighten up and be more dl with his criminal activity.
i always thought he felt he was invisible and untouchable.

5 – the temper tantrum.
like i said,
it’s my favorite part.

i have seen wolves who cheated on their vixens,
cry long tears of innocence,
only because they are caught.
there are murderers and rapist who bawl when being led to prison
folks aren’t crying because they’re innocent.
they’re crying because they got caught.
r. kelly is a wounded jackal that has been cornered.
he is upset because WE can see him for who he is.

6 – he cried so hard,
they had to reapply his face.

7 – he claims he is doing this for his cubs.
it’s all about his “kids”.
i don’t believe a single word.

he’s locked up again because he wasn’t paying child support.
if this was about his “kids” as he claims,
he would be up to date in his responsibilities.
he was too busy playing with other people kids to get his own shit together.

8 – he says he needs help.
that was a lowkey confession.
he said he needs someone to help him not have a big heart.
he “forgives them and they keep betraying them”.
that leads me to believe he is talking about everyone who has exposed him.
in the documentary,
the claims were he would tell them what to do and say.
that goes against his wishes.

9 – i love gayle called him out for playing “the victim”.
he got it together shortly after.

this part floored me tho:

if this part didn’t make him look guilty af.
did he erase the entire aaliyah scenario out of his head?
or the sex tape debacle in the early 2000s?

after that first interview,
you cannot tell me that r. kelly isn’t a full blown sociopath.
i think he believes his own lies and tries to manipulate us with it.
his stans have fallen for it.
the rest of us:

Bye Robert


lowkey: i wonder what part 2,
and maybe 5 are gonna reveal?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “r. kelly takes home the oscar for “best performance in a drama series””

  1. I believe he doesn’t know any better, yes he’s a musical genius, but he’s also uneducated and illiterate, you’d think his family and ex-wife would help him/get him some help instead of using him monetarily. Some of the victims parents are to blame too!! Not excusing what’s been done, just my opinion.

  2. He seems to be a scumbag but the man was already brought into court on these charges and found not guilty. And those young women are there willingly so please miss me with this public lynching of R Kelly.

  3. At this point he’s desperate because he knows that he’s heading to jail. So he’s hoping that pleading and crying on tv will pull at the heartstrings of people. But he can’t deny the sex tape with the underage girl and his marriage to a then underage Aaliyah. He definitely needs help and to talk to a mental health specialist….I’m sure he can get that help in jail.

    1. ^not only that,
      he has pending alleged sex tapes with other young females.
      you can’t send him to jail for manipulating anyone.
      you can send him to jail if he is doing/did something illegal.
      in this case,
      it seems like he has done something wrong to be locked up in the first place.

      he either needs jail or the mental hospital.
      pick one.

  4. I knew the comments would mostly be people defending or “standing by him.”

    Completely forgetting the fact that there is a actual sextape of him RAPING a actual 14 year old. Whether he was found guilty (by a jury) or not, the video is a fact. Being acquitted by a jury who was clearly motivated by his superstardom doesn’t negate the fact that he married Aaliyah or raped a child (ON CAMERA!). Just like white cops who are acquitted after killing us, their acquittal doesn’t mean they didn’t do it…. it just means the system would rather protect them than us.

    I’ll never understand why black people cape for straight men who abuse us but are silent for the women and lgbt+ community when we are the victims of that abuse.

    In closing… BLACK PEOPLE NEED FUCKING THERAPY! Every single one of us.

  5. Y’all do realize that not guilty doesn’t mean he’s innocent? I don’t need a court to tell me that this fool is GUILTY and he deserves the public lyinching that he’s getting. I don’t know why people keep bringing up other bullshit as if this grown ass man didn’t have sex with underage girls on multiple occasions. The shit’s on tape. Stop putting pedophiles and rapists on a pedestal because they wrote hits. It’s suggests weak-mindedness.

    1. Another LOSER , why is so many people shocked? You can be a good performer and still be a stupid sociopath! I hope his live in party dolls wake up. Probably love the attention they are getting from being with him too much.Also the lifestyle.That’s on them.He needs to be treated like the criminal he is. I feel sorry for his children.

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