so the foxhole can get a lap dance from lamonte at his gatherings, eh?

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viewer discretion is strongly advised

i am in a strong lust with lamonte’s thighs.
ya know,
lamonte is an interesting wolf.
there are so many rumors about him,
like his trump loving or homophobic ways,
and then i’m led to a video like this…

…and i’m all confused.
so does this mean i can feel those thick thighs behind me?

…or is this just for that “paint ‘n’ sip” situation?
like how the straight attentionistos bend over for cash deposits?

i can’t speak for the others,
but it seems like lamote doesn’t discriminate.

lowkey: i’d feel so uncomfortable at that show.
i’d paint him in a hotel tho.
he can put some strokes on my canvas.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “so the foxhole can get a lap dance from lamonte at his gatherings, eh?”

  1. O.M.G 😮 now that was hot!

    I didn’t know they were getting so close and personal with the guests at these events while NUDE? But still, as a dude I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing the meats with women in an open space. And I’m sure there are many women who would like to see the gay men excluded from these events. It’s basically starting to resemble a lowkey exotic strip show.

  2. Eh physically…..he’s great, but I made the mistake of looking at his Instagram & he’s deff a troll! It’s not even just his support of Trump but his immaturity about it, he’ll post trump pics or current even pics to get a rise out of his audience and then when they ask him about it, he’ll respond with immature one liners & laughing emojis, total turnoff! He’s cancelled for me

  3. I saw a few of those sip and paint vids and they do get very close to the guests. However, I didn’t know they were getting that close to the dudes. Honestly, despite his views, he fine as fuk. No lie. Nice chocolate body and gorgeous smile. I know his dick better smell like cocoa butter or something nice tho.

  4. I keep hearing he has nude videos floating around but I have yet to find them. Can someone post a few links. Asking for a friend but it will just go through me first.

  5. does anyone know where to find his cam videos… there was some ass play in them… allegedly… although there are caps from them… but still allegedly… lol…

  6. I don’t care for Lamont’s politics (trump) but i can appreciate the attention he gives to male audiences, and the fact that he is willing to physically engage with them

  7. Oh yeah he is the consummate heterosexual-pansexual now follow me he’s the type of guy who is primarily heterosexual but is in touch with his pansexual side he doesn’t discriminate if you look good you look good and he’s a free spirit sexually and will not hide it these guys are rare but they do exist and as far as his political party affiliation that’s his business and judging by the type of guy he is he’s not the type who will go outta of his way to hurt you or disrespect you after he deals with the gays so which one would you rather a homophobic homosexual who treats you like shit after gets he gets his nut or someone like him despite his political affiliation who respects you for who you are?

  8. I must say I’m kind of fascinated by a lot of the immaturity in the comments and the amount of controversy Lamonte seems to generate when posted.

    1st off as adults you should feel comfortable going to an adult event with friends have a nice time, paint have a couple of cocktails, laugh, socialize and then go home, whether it’s a mixed crowd or not. I think an underlining issue is that gay men may see it as a competition with the women for the attention of the nude models and barring great customer service it’s a competition that the women more than likely will win.

    2nd I think the over arching issue is that a Fantasy isn’t meant to become reality and people have a hard time accepting this for some reason and want to get unreasonably mad when it doesn’t happen. I see a lot of resentment towards Lamonte but also resentment towards a lot of people with onlyfans accounts, Instagram models, strippers etc.; at the end of the day these people sell a fantasy to anyone willing to purchase it. So why do people get so bent out of shape. Case and point I follow some male fitness Instagram model whose account was private and whose pictures are kind of suggestive , clearly my profile picture is that of a male I send a request to follow and it was accepted; I look at the pictures and go on about my day I don’t like, I don’t comment, I don’t DM I just look and keep it pushing there is no need to convert the fantasy into a reality.

    Looking at the video and seeing how inclusive Lamonte seems to be not only makes him sexier to me but it’s also fantastic business at the same time

  9. I’d smash him and send his ass back to a republican convention in his red cap. Don’t talk, just smash and pass.

    He’s a community entity.

  10. I’m sure he’s bisexual. Its one thing to allow guys to attend, it’s another to throw their legs in the air and stimulate sex. I also follow him on social media and have seen some other things that led me to this conclusion. He’s attractive and hustles hard so I’m not mad at him.

    1. I’m noticing a lot of aggressively plain dudes are being posted here lately. It’s only a matter of time before this one in particular rants about gay ass blogs posting his pics and Jamari stops posting him all together.

  11. Lamonte is bisexual. He didn’t start becoming aggressively homophobic until he was outed on tumblr. There was many vids and pics of him with this other dude.

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