Pray 4 Luckey

the luckey star.
one of my most faithful and vocal readers in the foxhole is in intensive care.
he tried to take his own life.
i was sent a link to his facebook where i read the news.
he is always there for me with support and even advice when a fox is down.
he also isn’t shy about spreading the word to the world about my site.
i really appreciate his presence in my blogging journey.
i want you guys in the foxhole to send out a prayer for him tonight.
i pray that god can answer the prayers we send upward in his behalf.

thanks and god bless.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Pray 4 Luckey”

  1. I just saw that on his fb page myself and was instantly saddened. Lets keep him lifted up in prayer! He is gonna make a full recovery and come back better and bolder than ever…we claim it in God’s name! We love you Brother Luckey!

  2. wow. Jamari. i want to apologize to you, if I have hurt you in anyway with my words I’m sorry. and God see your friend through amen.

  3. So very sad. I never comment Mr.Fox but I really appreciate the blog and I’m also a fan of Luckey’s as well (he is aware of this.) He seems like a very bright young man w/ UNLIMITED potential so this saddens me. I wish him well on his journey to a complete *spiritual* recovery. God bless.


  5. No, OMG, I pray that he will be allright, Please God send your healing angels to heal his mind, body and spirit. This news has saddened my heart.

  6. I would have never guessed, even though I should know better. He definitely comes across as very strong-willed and self-assured in his posts.

    You never know what the next person is dealing with. Your kind words or actions can help bring them out of something, while the opposite can make matters worst.

    Being decent to the next man costs you nothing.

  7. Oh no!!! We all should send up prayers for Lucky and his family. Lucky I know times may seem hard but it will defiantly get better dude. You are way to important and hav many things to do to go now. “It will be alright it will be alright, when I make it to that city it will be alright.”

  8. I am fine…a little embarrassed but FINE. Not 100% but not even demons can keep me down. I am crying right now because I honestly thought nobody cared….I love you all!

    1. *runs to you like a woman who’s husband just returned from war*LOL Glad you’re ok man. Don’t ever do anything like that again.

    2. Yaay. So happy that you are safe. There is no need to feel embarrassed. No one, who cares for you, would allow you to feel any shame for what happened. Continue to remain strong,and find solace in a community of people who came together to offer unconditional support. We love you!

    3. Nigga I oughta slap yo ass!!!! Lucky always remember you always ALWAYS have friends and people who care in the fox hole. We maybe 100s of miles apart but we are here for each other and each others back. If u feel like the walls are caving in you can always talk to us. Now light blunt, smile and passes to lucky we love you

    4. This is the best news I have heard all day. I woke up early and couldnt go back to sleep and saw this, and then I had to help 2 friends out this morning with emergency car troubles, I was so wired up, I could not even work today. I just woke from a nap and to see this makes my heart smile. Man please know that when you have a platform, you have people who care about your thoughts even though they may not know you, reach out because we only have each other in this cold world.

    5. My heart was beating so hard when i read the title, worried about you. I’m a fan that follows you on your blog, on jamari fox blog and also on myvidster lol. I sincerely care about you and have been a fan of yours for years so whatever you’re going through please know you will someday get over it. Life is a long road with bumps along the way but we gotta ride through them.I also went through really heavy depression for years and i’m still trying cope with everything in my life but i keep positive by staying busy with school or work. It actually helps but yeah please know that you are not alone and we are here for you and love you.

  9. I’m glad to hear you are doing well Luckey! You have so much to live for and people who love you more than you’ll ever know!

  10. i’m so glad to see luckey is okay.
    sorry for the lack of posts,
    i have been in a bubble all day.
    i had no energy to write.
    didn’t even want to turn the computer on.
    between luckey’s news and something else that happened to a friend involving death,
    it has been “the day of the devil”.

    back to regularly scheduled posting.

    1. I swear I had to step away from the CPU and slap myself. Look at the love on this blog alone….Even Davon was concerned..LOL God is good he is SO good…I am not worth of this! I love ALL of you…you guys are my brothers for life!

  11. I would never pray for him.Him and his friends are douche bags.He’ll just go back to doing the same shit.Posting pictures of dudes all damn day.

  12. Wow! I’m just seeing this. I’m so glad you are better, Luckey. To you and to everybody else on here, we all experience hardship and issues at points in our lives. When those times occur, please, please don’t retreat into shells. I, too, am guilty doing this; but, it is at times like this when we need to reach out and communicate with others. None of us, no matter our station in life, is an island. I won’t go into detail, but checking into this blog when I occasionally do, has given me the comfort of community and has helped sustain me in so many ways. And, for this I am eternally grateful to Jamari, especially, for this blog and to all of you.

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