One of The Hyena’s In This Elmo Case Is An Expert Booty Popper

i don’t know what this has to do with the case,
but i guess this is evidence


Just two days before he laid the legal smack down on Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash — claiming Clash sexually abused him as a teenager — Cecil Singleton laid the smack down on STAGE … dropping it like it’s hot at a NYC drag show … and we got the video.

wasn’t he mentally distraught?
or was that the other one?
i can’t keep up with all the bullshit anymore.
he also had more to say in an interview:


“It was like, bam!” Singleton told The Daily Beast. “It just hit me. I Googled it and it really blew me away. It made me kind of sick to my stomach. I immediately felt that it was probably necessary for me to come forward. It felt like it was the right thing to do.”

This time, there was no retraction, and Clash quickly resigned from Sesame Street.

“At the time, I didn’t know that Sheldon Stephens had gotten paid or any of that,” Singleton said. “When I heard it on the news, I felt intuitively that he was telling the truth. I felt I had a strong responsibility considering my lack of judgment and how inappropriate my relationship was. I had to come forward, even if I wasn’t taken seriously, even if no one believed me.”

Singleton, who grew up in upper Harlem and had just spent two years in foster care when he first met Clash, said he met the puppeteer not at a fancy industry party, but on a gay phone-chat line. Singleton called in March 2004 and created his introduction profile. Clash pushed a button, he said, indicating he wanted to speak to him.

“Back then, the Internet was not as popular as it is today,” Singleton said. “I’ve always been very androgynous and openly gay. Living in this urban neighborhood in uptown Harlem, it wasn’t exactly an ideal place to meet someone. I was the only out gay student in my high school’s history. It wasn’t a recipe for meeting people romantically.”




i’m confused…
how did this mentally fuck up these people?
they were willing to do whatever.
what is the lawsuits for?
maybe i have missed the point?
maybe i’m lost when they start talking in these interviews?
either way:

i don’t trust none of em.

7 thoughts on “One of The Hyena’s In This Elmo Case Is An Expert Booty Popper

  1. The fact our legal system even wastes its time with this bullshit is sad.

    Makes you wonder if the age of consent should be changed. I don’t think you should be able to decide you want to come forward and get paid 4+ years later.

    If you want to press charges fine, but what about victims who were REALLY violated by someone who doesn’t have a pot to piss in? What do they get?

    Most REAL victims want justice, not attention or a payoff.

  2. I don’t quite understand how you’re damaged if you willingly engaged in the act, but you know, whatever.

  3. Just a damn shame. Hoes are #winning! They are now the new ‘stars’.

    It’s pays to be a ‘hoe’ who can’t keep his/her mouth shut! I blame Karrine Steffans for some of this. She made a LOT of money from those books and now the basic hoes STILL trying to match that. I don’t recall talking to older men when I was 17 but if I did, I wouldn’t dare put them on blast.

    I want to wait to see how this pan out but the more ‘victims’ come forward with bullshit, the more I would rather slit my wrist.

    Like ‘The Man’ said, they are not victims, they are VULTURES. There is nothing wrong with liking younger men but you gotta be careful of who you fuck with. You gotta find you a good fox/wolf/hybrid that is OF age and with class. And keep your number down. Stop fucking all these random ass jackals/hyenas.

    These hoes are not classy and they are just out there for the money. I don’t feel sorry for any of them.

  4. They kill me. If they are already gay then how are they damaged? The situation wasn’t one sided it was their fault to, they wanted it to happen. Cecil and Sheldon need to admit that their actions played a role, and that they are not victims as they want us to believe. Men who were molested at a young age by older gay men who turned them out are the ones who are scarred for life, they are the real victims, not these young boys who are on chat lines seeking out older men. It’s funny how everybody is damaged when money and fame is involved. When I was 17 I talked to an older dude who was almost 30, but I didn’t seek him out and I didn’t sleep with him either. Oh but if I did, I damn sure would never told anyone. I more than likely would have felt good about that shit like most do when they are with someone older, but nowadays people see it as an easy way to get famous. The point it is, If Kevin was Joe Schmo the plummer(I love saying that) he would have no accusers or a tainted reputation.

    S/N: I’m loving Rocky in that gif.

  5. All of this is so sad and trashy, but a valuable insight into how quickly you can fall from grace. I don’t know the ‘real’ facts behind these cases, but whatever they may be, I don’t think they justify ruining a mans career (life) both future and past.

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