“Obsession” Was The Case In The Outing Of Princeton Perez by Jay Versace?

so i never followed mindless behavior”.
i didn’t really get into that “boy band” craze.
i never followed jay versace either.
not a diss to him,
but i never heard of him up until today.
well princeton perez,
who is up above and was in “mindless behavior”,
got into it with  jay versace:
…are the talk of today.
princeton perez was stalking jay versace.
jay versace allegedly outed him in a series of screenshots like so…

i’m highly confused,
but i think i understand the gist of it.
it looks like two hyenas who were “mean girling” each other.this is some pint sized gay drama tho.
sidebar: did the out that random wolf in their convo too?
he is cute as hell.

this is nonsense.
if it was me,
i just wouldn’t have answered.
why pay someone attention if they are harassing you?
jay didn’t stop responding in that conversation tho.
if you don’t want to talk to anyone again on social media,
this is why they created block buttons.
you keep making new accounts and i’ll serve up a block.
well most thought jay was wrong and dragged him by high top.
he posted this:

death threats?

now the stans are going too far.
it’s good that he apologized.
both parties involved are wrong tho.
i hope after this they won’t associate with each other any longer.

lowkey: how does one know to harass your friends too?
do i even care to find out?

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on ““Obsession” Was The Case In The Outing Of Princeton Perez by Jay Versace?

  1. The new generation is so sensitive. You have to out someone because they are annoying? It shouldn’t of even got that far. If someone I chose not to speak with kept on trying to initate a conversation with me, I would block each and every account they try me on. WE DO NOT ANSWER. WE DO NOT RESPOND. If I’m getting threatened with phyiscal abuse or blackmail, I go to the nearest precinct.

    It ruined Jay Versace’s image and now this child is outed. How does this revelation benefit either one of them?

    1. ^THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
      sometimes i don’t even block.
      i just know how my inner ignore works.

      this did nothing for these two.
      it just made them look silly,
      plus they have outed someone else in this image suicide mission.

      1. The sensitive ones will always block you. LOL
        Side note: That boy look fine as hell in that top pic, suggestive as it is. Is that the same dude pictured in the exchange?

      2. lol idk about that one Christian. While blocking for me is still kind of last resort, I’m not the type to argue with people and do the whole back and forth thing. If someone can’t be civilized with me, get blocked, it saves me the hassle of resorting to their low level lol.
        Blocking, muting, and ignoring are my favourite tactics these days. It works, you see how ole boy was damn near begging the guy to get the other to talk to him just so he can call him ugly etc. Ole boy was hurt!

        Idk who these two are but supposedly (if I have the story straight) the light skined one in the top photo, was the one who was blocked by the other guy, and then proceeded to call him names and attack him for blocking his advances. Kids lol.

      3. Diggy…I asked a dude a simple question once about a posting on his page and he blocked me and un-followed me. LOL
        Never had an issue with him. We liked one another’s comments etc. He followed me, I followed him. What was that about? Wasn’t looking for an argument or anything. Just a simple question..why do you post such suggestive pics if you get mad when someone makes a comment?

        Now if I was rude and disrespectful, I could see blocking me. But that was surprising.

        If that dude in the message pics is the same one in that top pic…he isn’t aging well. LOL

      4. Wow, in that case, some people are not used to anything outside their echo chambers lol, that’s a bit extreme.

        I think his actual photo in the messages are blacked out, the other two were different people, one of them being the blocker. (Jay Versace), Princeton’s photo isn’t shown unless im not seeing it right.

  2. I think you have posted a Gif of Jay Versace on here he imitates singers like Anita Baker,Patti Labelle,etc.I first saw him burning incense with a head scarf imitating Eryka Badu.Eryka Badu is a big fan of his. He is big on IG,2M followers.I believed he received an award on some award show, probably Soul Train or BET(Internet) award last year.I believe he post his friends on his page so it would be easy to know who they are.
    Like you said both are wrong and when you have immature teenage fans or stans it gets ugly fast(death threats)

  3. I don’t care about Jay Versace at all. There’s nothing funny about making ugly faces which is all he really does.

    ….but he’s has followers, he must be doing something right.

  4. I remember I had a crush on Princeton and I remember he use to give off theses gay signals but I never really care about it cause i don’t know him but recently I been watching some old mindless behavior interview and that was the first time I pay attention to the way he talk and his body movement and plus the eye contact him roc royal give each other confirm something for me but if he say he not gay I just have to believe him.

  5. These kids today are sooooooo annoying and draining with their new new shit! Like Jay Versace is out here mad and wants the world know that he mad to a point of exposing Pretty Boi Prince Perez. These two mean girlz need to shut up and man up!

  6. I agreed with outing is wrong and Versace should have gone to the police and reported stalking etc.. but do police really care..?
    Princeton is SUPER in the wrong for stalking someone and playing with fire in the first place.. I would need to hear Princeton side of the story to get a balance opinion.. but Versace did say he WARNED PEREZ
    1 So sorry.. IT WAS A WARNING and perez decided to still be messy! I hate guys who look on gay guys as weak and feel they can take advantage!

  7. Damn what did us youngins do to yall? All this animosity lol.
    Older gay guys aren’t better either. Remember that big guy Walter from ATL who outed Tyler Perry for NO REASON and got his face picasso’d? Yeah he is one of many in their 40s still doing this nonsense.

  8. I honestly do not believe any of this at all. People can easily generate fake messages. As we have talked about, some people are just so desperate for someone to be gay, whether they are or not. What is wrong with people? We just have to do better.

  9. Baby some of these “young folk” these days are a hot mess. The crest of digital age will be their downfall. Extremely vain, socially inept, emotionally weak, ready to kill anyone in the blink of an eye for the stupidest things…Taking pleasure in humiliating others in front of an audience….😐

    1. This generation is doomed. No social skills, entitled behavior, and disrespectful as hell.
      Take away their phones, video games, and TV and many of them are fucked!
      See it daily and I just have to shake my head.

      1. I agree. It’s almost like they are becoming drones. What’s really bad is that they are dying younger too, especially young black men. If the Lord allows me to reach a very old age, like 95, I wonder what it will be like. I wonder if their will be a shred of memory left in me to get a flashback to this post… Probably not, but you never know. I wonder how this generation will treat their elders…..We’re probably fuked…😂😂..(Hope not though)…😥

      2. Yeah, we’re fucked. They have no respect for their elders NOW, so it will only continue to get worse…especially when you have kids having kids!

  10. We still pretending this is unique to the youngins? Same shit, new medium. Hell the old folks showing their asses too.

    1. ^Nah..this generation has taken it to a whole ‘nother level! The ones showing their asses, the ones you consider old folks, are their parents. Just one generation removed…so the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

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