Mo’Nique Should Start A “Respond To Everyone” Tour

ever since the “mother’s day show”,
mo’nique been on:

wendy williams
the real
other news sites

…and she ain’t even been psychically there.
everyone has been talking about mo’nique and what she said.
clearly her plan is working.
adrienne bailon had something to say about it on her show,
“the real”,
that made mo’nique respond.
you know mo would.
don’t act shocked.
this is what adrienne said

well mo’nique responded on twitter to adrienne:

i wonder if adrienne would say it to her face?
some love to throw rocks,
but then hide paws.
i suspect adrienne would be the latter,
but she ( x did respond to chris brown ) when he went off on her.
they definitely should invite mo on tho.

and the hubby,
decided to address adrienne some more and her conversation with tyler perry.
i don’t understand why we need to hear the details of a personal convo tho.
again: that husband of hers and all this yappin.
well they turned on the mic for their radio show,
“open relationship”.
for those who are interested:

they even had callers call in @20:00.
mo is getting all this attention now,

but what happens when everyone stops talking?

What’s next?

it seems they are milking this for all it’s worth,
which is smart,
but i hope they can walk back over any bridges they have silently burned.

lowkey: i can see why mo is going off,
but again,
what is the end game with all this?
i don’t even think mo and hubby know.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Should Start A “Respond To Everyone” Tour”

  1. I feel like this is a case of reaping what you sow. It caught up with her now she is playing the victim. I hope when she eventually gets work she manages to prove the people who have been saying negative things about her wrong cuz if not…

  2. Whoever her publicist is needs to be fired pronto.

    This is beginning to cross the line between “telling it like it is” to just running your mouth just to get an audience. The more she runs her mouth, the fewer who will sympathize for her.

  3. Hey Jamari,

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this topic after the dust settled down but I don’t believe this will be the last time they are going to speak on it so I might as well post here.

    First off, I hate how she’s being portrayed as “loud & angry” when she actually has a valid point. As far as the “end game” for Monique’s career specifically, I don’t think there is one, but her point is much bigger than her. Actresses in the industry have often been vocal about inequity and when you add in the factor of race, the problem is amplified even more. I remember reading Taraji talking about the pay she got from Benjamin Button and Viola talking about the double pay gap inequity relative to white actors/actresses as well. When you look at it from that perspective, her frustration not only comes from that, but people just being silent and complicit in that. Whether they purposely did it or not, Lee and Tyler put fueled the idea of her being “difficult” and don’t seem too interested in publicly disproving what they know to be false. Its one thing for the industry to treat our people a certain way, but I think it stings just a little more when your own people in positions of power and they throw you under the bus for the sake of “playing the game”

    1. ^i can see that,
      but didn’t this start because she didn’t want to do promo for her own movie?
      a movie that she still won a huge award for?
      that is the part that is puzzling.

      1. That’s kind of confusing me as well.

        If you go back to her acceptance speech at the Oscars she thanks them for putting her performance over politics and awarding her despite her not campaigning heavily for it. What’s confusing is the specific nature of her “blackballed” & whom is supposedly doing this to her. The more I try and wrap my head around it, the more I think Lee & Tyler were frustrated with how the deal to get the movie out went down & both chose to throw her under the bus behind the scenes because it doesn’t make sense that the same industry execs decided to give her an award, but then also make it a point to actively dismiss her for roles after. If that’s the case then why award her in the first place?

      2. I believe she said that the reason she didn’t do promo for the movie is because they wanted her to go to Cannes to promote the film and do a global press tour but they didn’t want to pay her for it, and her argument was that press tours take a lot of time and energy and that it would cut into her family time as well as other projects she already had lined up at the time.

        Usually movie contracts have a clause that details doing promo for the movie and the payment for it is included in the final payment the actor will receive, but I assume that since “Precious” was a low budget independent film, this was not included in Monique’s pay. It sounds like the positive praise and rave reviews came as a surprise to the director and producers so then they decided to do press tours and when the question of payment for all the traveling and time to promote the movie was brought up, things went south.

        Monique explained on Wendy Williams that many actors (white?) are paid for their time to do press and that it is very normal in the business.

  4. Monique was “difficult” to work with before this new hubby. unprofessional, checks bouncing for her staff a lot of the times, etc. etc. With what was put out there, it all boils down to the contract. If her initial contract had no clause for promotion, she can’t get mad when the discussion for pay for overseas promotion did not go her way. She won her Oscar, but technically she is a one note actress from what we have seen so far. So roles “drying” up for her may not necessarily be because she was “blackballed”. Maybe those three just don’t want to work with her again. Move on and self produce or direct your own projects.

    Either way, all of this verbal spewing directed at those 3 publicly is beginning to look sad on her part. She is reviving her public off of this 8 year old beef that only she seems to have. do we know if she tried to reach out to them during this hiatus before this revival of “Suck my D*ck?

    Anyway, it’s getting old and that battery that her hubby has in her back is gonna explode on her in 5,4,3,2…….

  5. People don’t know the industry. Like the lady on the Real said, “Precious” was an Independent film; Mo’Nique’s reputation AND performance are what made the movie a success. That is why she won The Oscar. The promotional event(s) Mo’Nique declined were not paid promotional appearances; she would have been funding a tour out if her pocket. Moreover, she was primarily criticized for not campaigning for her OSCAR not the movie. The movie had come and gone by the time she won the award.

    Her method of speaking the truth does not alleviate the truth itself. Just like the first Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince when she called out Will and Jada about their Oscar boycott. She said that they own their own production company that does not hire minority actors other than themselves, but her point was overshadowed by her bitterness from losing her job on the show.

    Mo’s issue with Oprah is worse if true. In a previous Podcast, she discussed that Oprah, who has a similar background of abuse as Mo’Nique, called her to discuss and upcoming show that Mo’Nique’s brother would be a guest on. According to Mo, Oprah did not disclose that Mo’s parents would be on the show as well which would have been a game changer with regards to her being okay with the show.

    The truth is too often People of Color get into a position to change the game and, instead, they begin to play by the original rules, forgetting what they went through to get there.

  6. I personally think its safe to say that Monique career is done.
    like I said before when we started talking about this situation. Monique talks when she should be listening.
    Her husband isn’t making the situation any better. I can tell he enjoy the mess.
    why would you get online and tell people what you and the next person talk about..
    Everything what Lee and other said is true.

  7. Of course Adrienne is right. In ten years Mo’nique will be on welfare & her husband in the wind. Then she’ll realize that folks were right. Also Academy awards don’t always translate to success for white people. Who were the lead actors for “The Artist”? Don’t cheat and use google lol.

    1. Am I the only seating back and asking myself the question why? Why is Monique husband seating back and watching is wife/client go down this road.
      The more they keep doing this the more people really going to black ball her.
      Enough is a enough. Her husband in my book aint shit.there is no way I allow my client destroy themselves.

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