Michael Sam Offends A DL Baller Wolf

michael-samso michael sam has already offended someone.
who you ask?
well a dl bisexual baller wolf in the nfl.
*dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn*
he anonymously reached out to tmz sports and said…

TMZ Sports just spoke with a bisexual NFL player who’s upset with Michael Sam — telling us he was OFFENDED when Sam said other gay men in the league are less courageous because they don’t want to come out.

The player — who didn’t want to be identified by name — has played in the league for several seasons and says he’s open about his sexuality with close friends.

But when the player read Sam’s recent comments about gay men in the league — he was offended.

Specifically, the player was upset when Sam said … “I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do to come out before I even played a down in the NFL.”

The player’s response — “As a bisexual man, I just feel like Michael Sam does not speak for all gay men.”

“He has his own opinion … but DON’T say that we don’t have the courage to come out. It’s totally wrong. Just speak for yourself. No one else.” 

“It’s no one’s business what my sexuality is. You should like me for me … not for who I choose to be with.”

The player continued … “I feel the NFL isn’t ready for people to be open about it. Or the General Managers for that matter.” 

Despite those opinions, the player says he believes Sam DID get a fair shot to make a team — “I just don’t think he performed well.”

NFD3gB3-1i don’t think said dl baller wolf is wrong for his opinion.
i’m sure “the others” will think he is.
this is why i need michael to stop talking tho.
he needs to focus on updating the public on his career plans.
not trying to convince the world he isn’t:

“the only one”

*dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn*

article taken: tmz sports

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “Michael Sam Offends A DL Baller Wolf”

  1. can Michael just SHUT UP and PERFORM WELL!!!!! and stop trying to be the next GAY MESSIAH in sports..I’m gay, proud of who i am and my family/close friends embrace me, and like 98% of them, to my knowledge are straight..However i do know some dl brothas as friends, i’ve even been involved with a few but i feel where the dl player is coming from..When i walk into my work place i want to be known as the employee who’s getting the job done i dont want my entire life to be stereotyped simply because of whom i’m attracted to..i even had to get some female friends of mine who addressed me as girl one time..I’m a man who’s gay, i’m not looking for you to call me girl or bitch on the regular…i respect michael for coming out and that takes BALLS in a career where you know it’s very homophobic BUT don’t make others feel less than because they didn’t take the same path…However if everyone felt like they weren’t being themselves simply because of the job they had to perform, then maybe after so many years it’s time for a new career plan….but Michael Sam hasn’t done anything for his own career and he doesn’t represent the gay community because we’re not homogeneous we ALL cme in different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and etc…You can’t put gays into a box…they could be your hairdresser, teacher or your football player, rapper…you just dont know

    1. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to say. Well put Malcolm. I agree 100%. Why does he talk so much for achieving absolutely nothing? He was in a team for a few months and he’s one interview away from outing the whole team?
      What a jackal. He just seems messy.
      He’s not a hero, he’s not brave, and ppl just dont care. He doesn’t represent the gay/bi etc. community at all, he just represents the jackals.

  2. I totally agree with the DL baller sport is the time and place to be coming out. I mean shit look at soccer over at Europe calling all the black footballers niggers, monkeys and throwing banana peels thinking that shit is cute. I can tell Michael Sam is fucking dumb because yea you had the courage to come out, but where is your career tho? People keep calling him a football player, but what team is he playing for? He’s not a football player period, so technically he’s just a regular black man who came out on the media.

    1. ^people jumped way too fast this one.
      he was being held as the example.
      hell people were looking down on others because they weren’t “brave”.

      to be honest,
      he is just a masculine man who came out.
      he didn’t prove himself for his talent.
      he showed the world that masculine men can be gay and play sports too.

  3. i think Mike made a hard decision, gambled and lost. He will forever be known as the first gay football player drafted, and at this point he needs to do whatever he needs to to put food on his table, following the path he has chosen. As for the DL player, He is the one who I think needs to shut the fuck up. If you are going to be DL and private, do that. no commenting from the sidelines.

    1. ^i can agree here.

      the DL baller wolf could have kept silent.
      I wonder how far Michael would go for money?
      would he out all the DL in his memoirs for the right amount of money?
      maybe they are all worried he is turning out to be a “talker”…

  4. I’m sure Michael Sam didn’t mean to offend anyone and didn’t mean to speak for all gay men. I understand why the DL guy would be offended. But it’ll be a long time before people start liking you for the person you are instead of who you sleep with. People are just ignorant. You tell them your bi and all they hear is “gay gay gay”. Whatever.

    1. ^yes I need people to understand bisexuality does happen.
      Which is why men can fuck a woman and then do the same to a man.
      the sex is the same.
      he can still get hard for both.

  5. The problem is Michael believes he has been treated unfairly by the media and others. He is now trying to draw attention to others by pointing out that there are other gay NFL players, even stars, which he had stated. It is like he is saying if the public knew who these other guys were, they probably would scrutinize him so closely and harshly. The other gay dudes want to be left out of the discussions.

      1. The thing is, he knew the deal before even going pro. He would be a “pants-on-head” moron to think that he wasnt going to get scrutiny or media attention for “coming out”.
        WHy was coming out a priority though? What has he been training for all his life, and to get the opportunity of a lifetime, and he throws it in the towel before people actually know what he does before his sexuality? idk I would feel like if I was in his position, I’d focus solely on being the best player I could be and really making a name for myself other than “the gay football player that can’t really play anyway”.
        Dont get me wrong. I’d still be finding me some good pipe and ass on the side, and if my teammates knew, thats fine, but im not announcing it or talking about it, its my damn business.
        He had a platform, and he could have done a lot of good with said platform, and he sensationalized what it means to be a gay/bi man in a hypermasculine industry like the sports industry. He could have been the Michael Jackson of football lol and broke down barriers for new up and comers, but he didnt do that. He just made it harder. He did a disservice to gay/bi people in his position who are struggling and as a whole.

  6. I thought Michael Sam was supposed to lead the gays to the promise land though. When he got drafted all the gays were supposed to join hands on the football field and sing Elton John songs. LMAO!

    I saw him for what he was from the jump!

    You guys really believe any DL NFL players actually reached out to him and he never actually made it into the NFL?

    He’s already admitted DWTS is his only source of income. Do you think it’s a coincidence that his stories about there being other closeted men in the NFL is plastered over the Yahoo newspage.

    Now all of a sudden some “phantom closeted” NFL player makes a statement to the media to fan the flames more and give his story more credibility and keep him in the news even more. A closeted guy is going to take a chance send a statement to the media, but not come out the closet? Yeah right.

    It’s all publicity masterminded by him and his team to keep him relevant. That’s what these celebrities with no discernible talent do, get a PR team to partner with someone in the media and plant false stories to keep their name in the headlines.

    I’ll bet that reality show is coming soon…

    1. ^damn jay…
      that’s a good point.

      but what would be the point to do that?
      and wouldn’t tmz figure it out?
      and know it’s a lie?
      they like to call people out for bs…

      1. He’s trying to build up interest in himself so he’ll have a good chance of a reality tv show or a career where he’s famous for nothing.

        Do you think media outlets like TMZ care if a story is true or not? They just want an outrageous story. They don’t have some upstanding reputation to protect.

        Yeah they do call people on their bs, but they can be bought or negotiated with.

        I never see any unflattering stories on the Kardashians, but they still get plenty of coverage.

      2. Can you please put up a more flattering picture of him? I know you don’t have many to choose from though lol

        The current one makes my computer screen cry…

  7. I usually like to go in on topics like this but I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I agree 100% with the DL athlete and everything he said.
    I’m tired of Michael Sam. What a disappointment. No one gives a fuck if your gay, people only care if you can play ( yup, the rhyme was intentional lol). I mean really, no one gives a shit.
    Just STFU already.
    He should have waited until he was established or hot in his career to “come out”. He’s lame as hell. My question is: why do people have to “come out” at all? Just mid your own fcking business.. smh.

  8. this CLOWN needs a PUBLICIST ASAP and to get rid of the snow bunny who is probably whispering in his ear to do all of this BLAH BLAH BLAH. At the end of the day MICHAEL SAM you are a BLACK MAN… WHITE BOYS can do this and no one would be bothered.

  9. NOBODY wants to be in the company of a loose-mouth person! Hell, I’m sexual and I’m sensitive about my shit (to misquote Erykah Badu). 1. He’s not cute 2. He’s a lesbian 3. somebody needs to make a video of the song “You Talk Too Much” starring him. If he’d have kept his damn mouth shut altogether, he would be in muthafuckin’ man heaven. Now, he’s knocking at heaven’s door! Trick could have at-least come away with some hidden cam footage for the chil’ren. Useless Tool.

    AND he had the nerve to claim a less-than nothing, UGLY clear person. FOH

  10. I’m kinda on the fence about this one. I feel like Michael Sam wanted to live his life in an open manner. Whether we believe it or not, these are public figures who literally have to announce just about everything in order to avoid controversy. Could you imagine him not coming out and then a photo surfacing of him out on the street holding a man’s hand after being drafted? I do feel like he took the gay angle and ran a little too far with it and relied on it to a certain extent. As for the DL player I think Michael was kinda correct, obviously no one wants to be known for just being gay but you’re literally credited as the ‘DL Football Player.’ You’re clearly a little insecure about your sexuality going public.

  11. The fact is the DL baller is not out because of FEAR.He is afraid that he will be judged as less than because of his sexual orientation.He fears he will be treated differently by his GM, players, fans,etc.He fears his career will be adversely affected.

    Michael Sam clearly says the gay players who contacted him aren’t ready to come out.So unless this DL baller contacted Michael ,he was not referring to him.The players who reached out to him said they weren’t ready to take the risk that he took.A risk most people think was a bad risk.
    Why are you upset if he wasn’t talking about you?
    Do I get upset when I read Blacks are violent, lazy,unintelligent, etc.
    Hell no because I know I am not .
    So why get upset when Michael Sam talks about a few players who reached out to him?
    Where was this DL baller when people were talking about homophobia and bullying months ago?
    Lastly I understand why many people in the LGBT community are discreet, in the closet,etc.Many don’t want to risk their career, their relationship with their family,their safety,etc.I get it but openly gay people are not the enemy UNLESS they are trying to out people.If Michael Sam ever outed anyone he would be on the top of my Sh## list, you best believe that.

  12. Short response to the DL brother -AMEN . Long response to the DL brother – AMEN. SAM, I cannot support spmeone who is using his sexuality for recognition and fame. No one gives a shit. STFU and get a damn job…..ON YOUR OWN MERITS, NOT ON WHO YOU SLEEP WITH.

  13. M.S its time to relax and be who you are and let the others continue to do their job. I was on a chat line some years ago and was chatting with a player in the NFL. He told me which team he played for but that was it. I did not try to ruin his life he enjoyed doing what he did.

    1. I wish M Sam well but at times he sounds like he’s whining. The problem as I see it is partially his fault. He spends so much time trying to be a celebrity, instead of focusing g on the task at hand. I wonder if his boyfriend is encouraging him to do this irrational ish.
      At the rate he’s going he will end up being the first gay player who was unable to make a team.
      I have to remember that this overgrown Manchild is 23 years old, but I also wonder who is guiding him.

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