au revoir.
= goodbye.

there is power in that one simple word.
its just a little harder than it sounds…

you know its over.
deep down inside,
you know its not gonna happen the way you want.
the writing is definitely on the wall.
arial black.
its hard to actually say goodbye.
not because we can’t,
but because we feel we may not be able to live without.
we don’t want to use the power just yet so…

we have to go back a few times until we finally realize…
we have to play the fool until we finally realize…
we have to take a look in the mirror until we realize…
we have to cry one last good time until we realize…

…that its a done deal.

tumblr_mvjsyxAEok1sayj4yo1_500we don’t want to accept the truth.
hell its easier to live in a lie.
the hardest thing is to realize someone you wanted,
or something that started off so great,
will not have that happy ending.

the pain of having to turn around and walk away…
the frustration of having to start over again…
the sadness of erasing the fantasies you created…
the withdrawal from all that good sex…

“goodbye” can start to look like a bad idea.
thats when we start to get comfortable.
actually being okay accepting “fuck shit”.
well i’m tired of “fuck shit”.
its time to bow out gracefully.
that same time can be spent rebuilding and healing.
see goodbye actually means “hello”.
“hello” to a new mountain path.
it looks dark and pretty scary.
starting over alone,
after being comfortable in “fuck shit” for so long,
can raise up every fear deep inside you.
when we find the strength to move on,
it opens up a new road that we thought didn’t exist.

the person of your dreams is there
the career with all that money is there
the endless possibilities is there

that’s the power of goodbye.
the blessings that come once we let go.
i think its time to let go.

…don’t you think?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye.”

  1. Hey Jamari you are in my thought too much. The power of goodbye and change is great. I’m lonely need some company but I have peace of mind and God. It took me a while to get here but I’m determined to make me Happy. Priority 1. Best wishes on your journey

    1. ^i’m trying to get there t.
      i’m glad you reached that place of peace.
      that is a place on these mountains some of us don’t usually see.
      even when we have “made it”.
      give yourself a pat on the back for getting there.

  2. Jamari, there are moments where you write something so damn deep that it makes a nigga stop and contemplate life for a few hours. This is one of those posts. I definitely needed to read this today

  3. I’m ready Jamari. But its kinda the opposite for me. for the first time, I’m saying “hello” to something, (or at least, I’m trying). I’m noticing that I’m changing a lot, and after my trials from last year, I learned that I’m in the process of change.
    I’m used to being in control, but I don’t think I am in control of everything that will happen to me.
    I’m saying “goodbye” to my unsure, and contrived perception of who I was, and saying “hello” to my nirvana.
    I want to find someone. I’ve never had the courage to, and I feel like I understand myself more now, but I dont think I can know all of myself on my own, sequestered in my own mind. I’m scared of being vulnerable, but Im at a point where I want to just go with it and let my walls down, well you know the mental walls, the other walls will stay how they are…LOL
    I’m stepping out of my boundaries for the first time in 2015 and the air feels great.

    1. ^you don’t know what this comment did to me d.
      you just inspired me and didn’t even realize it.
      thank you for blessing me with these words.
      i need to read them over and over again…

      1. Thank you, Jamari, I’ve been feeling more lonely lately, so my thoughts are getting more and more potent. Melancholy is my greatest catalyst for artistic expression and inspiration.
        I’m glad, that somewhere in there it helps you, and honestly, you’ve just given me inspiration to write on my blog again.
        Thank you, and stay blessed.

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