FACIAL: (13)

can we talk about pre baller wolf for the nebraska cornhuskers,
ameer abdullah’s facial?
can we talk about everything in this video?…

…can we talk about how i just fainted?

tumblr_m2k7m01mtt1r7ng8fo1_500these straight pre baller wolves get finer and finer.

lowkey: i hope he gets drafted and has to cum
into new yawk.

photo credit: alyssa schukar

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “FACIAL: (13)”

  1. Dude….im not usually into baller wolves because of how they are, but he was so fucking fine… I’m someone who loves eyes and lips, and hes got a nice pair. I love his body mmm. I like his personality too, hearing him speak is what got me. His brother is fine too, damn.
    I’m thirsty right now…LOL

  2. lawd i was lusting when he had that white suit on….GLORY lol but honesty he’s very articulate and very impressionable….i hope he has a great career overall…intelligence is so much sexier than a sexy guy with no brains lol

    1. ^Word! I need intelligence, its what will keep me interested. I don’t like unintelligent people. They’re a snore, regardless of how sexy they are. Maybe a really fun personality can make up for it, but intelligence will get the buns from me! LOL

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