Michael B Jordan Is Dating A What Now?

tumblr_njoq5veZVG1t1ou0yo2_250^this is my face when my vix-bi sent in this story.
so michael b jordan is allegedly dating a kardashian.
twitter had a whole melt down because of it.
of all the pussy in hollywood,
he finds himself in…

tumblr_nnwl0p1Xcw1sculzro1_500kendall jenner?
tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400don’t he know those kardashians have the mark of the beast on their vaginas?
well this is all alleged,
but if he wasn’t lookin like this:


tumblr_nce09pbXfp1qd1t3qo1_400i might have seriously considered blacklisting his ass.
find another hole mikey!
mine preferably.

lowkey: it must be bad to be a kardashian.
you date someone and your life is called for a boycott.
you could be the good 1 too.
don’t even matter.

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Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Michael B Jordan Is Dating A What Now?”

  1. Heavily disappointed if this is true, they’re all cut from the same cloth.

  2. Omg!!!! The mark of the beast in their vagina? Jamari I can’t with you lol! This smells like business arrangement to me what you think? Oh and s/n Michael b.Jordan is bae in my head lol!

  3. Now don’t stone me to death, but they are honestly not that bad. I feel like they get a lot of unjust hate. Are they superficial? Yes! Self centered? Yes! But none of you, and you can lie and say you wouldn’t, would mind if you could make money off of simply being yourself, or at least a fabrication of yourself. You’d be lying if you said that you wouldn’t. I’ve never been one to knock their hustle because that’s simply what it is…a hustle. There are SEVERAL people in “Hollywood” who is about that same life that they are, yet no one receives as much flack. I mean I’m not their biggest fan by any means, but I respect their hustle and I’m big enough to admit that what they “do” isn’t all that damn horrible.

  4. Eww no longer a fan now, same with Chris Brown I was rooting for him before this whole baby thing like it isn’t even a newborn this is a whole toddler out of nowhere. I think I need to stop putting these celebrities on a pedestal

  5. Maybe I missed something. Whose career has suffered from fucking a Kardashian?

  6. If this IS true then I have some questions. What the hell going on with these black men dating underage girls? Don’t they know that fucking child molesting? And damn the Kardashian sure do love black penises.

    1. they are both adults wrong Jenner, and whose career hasn’t. Kim has made Jay distance himself from Kanye, Bruce is a woman, Lamar is MIA read pop-culture much?

      1. Bruce is both a woman and the only person from the 1976 Olympics who has been on national television this month. Kanye made $30MM last year and couldn’t buy the publicity his marriage to KimK has given him. And if he hadn’t been sticking a Kardashian, Lamar would be just another over-the-hill baller. I don’t like the Kardashians from what little I know of them. But, as media whores, I can’t think of anyone better. And, if you are obsessed with fame, there are few moves you could make that are more profitable that putting your black penis in a Kardashian. Never have so many members of one family made so much money with so little talent.

      2. I don’t understand the hell you talking about. You going all over the place

      3. Uhhh, Prodigy…Kylie is not an adult. She’s a teenager, 17 or 18 years old I believe.
        That’s nasty!

      4. @christian prodigy is probably a child molester who’s dating a 16 year old boy. These child molesters are always making excuses “Oh he’s very mature for his age” “we have a connection” blah blah blah

  7. Omg. This is my bae but he can’t be bae no more after this if it’s true. Like I’m lowkey hurt lol.

  8. He is committing career suicide. All the black vixens are going to boycott his lil future projects. Now I will say at least this Kardashian alleged relationship is of legal consent, but why the hell a man who is nearing 30 want to be with someone who is still a teenager. People don’t believe that celebrities have to watch who they date or marry cause their career will suffer it might not be fair but it is what is EX: Lauren London, Ciara, Taye Diggs, Wesley Snipes,

  9. This isn’t true. Kendall has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is young dude. Just saw a picture of them together last week on twitter.

  10. I honestly don’t get the hype with him.

    He’s marginally talented and there’s a shortage of young, black leading men in general.

    He no Denzel Washington or Will Smith in their respective prime.

  11. E News , The Kardashians mouthpiece claim Kendall is single and is not dating Michael.Keep in mind E News, at one point claimed Khloe wasn’t dating French Montana.They also claimed the youngest girl wasn’t dating Tyga.So time will tell

  12. This is PR

    He’s going to be in the Fantastic Four movie which will expose him to folks outside of black folks. I see his team is trying to get him crossover coverage which is why he was spotted with her. They most likely won’t have him do anymore spottings with her since its not being received well by black females, or maybe they will.

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