Mi Makes A Move

tumblr_static_a3z7984pdygok0ow0gg0sk4ogi just woke up to the smell of something good.
i was hungry too.
thankfully not hanging over.
when i walked out my room,
mi was in the middle of making breakfast.
she also had some news

she got a job!

tumblr_inline_nbptt8Li7B1qexfme tumblr_inline_nbpu4f7Xre1qexfmeshe will be working at one of the big retail stores in the city.
i almost screamed.
one at the thought of the discount.
two that she was able to land a job!
she was miserable these last 2 weeks.
i decided to take her out for a celebratory manicure!
well i was going anyway,
but i’ll pay for hers.
now lets hope she can pass this drug test.
i’ll be keeping my freshly manicured fingers crossed next week.

lowkey: she cooks and cleans.
i can get use to this…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Mi Makes A Move”

  1. Would it not be something that your family came into your life, got this job and was able to open a door for you that you never saw coming, believe me God works things out just like this. She may be the break thru that you need to get to the next level. All things do work together, its a reason how this is all unfolding like it is. Hold on J, its coming sooner than later.

  2. Thank God!! I’m happy for her. See how God puts people in your life for a reason? As far as that drug test. She needs to get that drink from Vitamin World. Start having her drink MAD water and cranberry juice. And DONT smoke! Good luck!

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