this is for everyone.

and hybrids.

you meet a guy on the chat site and he is a lot more different than what you are used to.
he is extremely charismatic and has an interesting way with words.
he is a little cocky,
but with him it comes off charming.
he tells you that his father owns a huge business that has made his family very successful and well off.

he didn’t have a picture up, but he sends you one in an email.
attached in the title says:

“i’m eclectic!”

Well you finally open it you see …

he is really interested in you.
he wants to get to know you better.

…what would you do think about him upon first glance?

…and would you consider meeting up with him?

Honesty gets you 10 points

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “MEETUP WITH A FACELESS STRANGER: (24)”

  1. Jamari,

    You do know you owe me a new laptop right? Mine broke when I saw this atrocity and threw it against the wall.

    On the real, if that’s his style then fine, but we are not compatible in any shape or form.

  2. If the cowardly loin was a gay black man….

    He ain’t half bad….I like interesting men. If he had a great personality and a sane mind we might be able to meet up and hang out. Never judge a book until you get through the first chapter…

    I like dudes who are bold with it….and what if he was REALLY masculine with it…totally blow your mind….LOL

  3. lol my first and honest thought was WHAT THE FUCK?
    and then another voice in my head said “damn his hair is on point”
    and another said “awww he’s adorable”

    I’d CONSIDER meeting up with him.

  4. Not No, But Hell No!! He looks like he is ready to appear on a episode of “When Bad Wigs and Eyebrows Happen to Good People on VH-1, or either Nicki Minaj is coming out with a Wig Line for Hoodrats. I just cant with the 2 scoops Ice Cream hair, serving us Baskin & Robbins Butter Pecan and Chocolate Realness.

    1. Tajan & Jamari owe me money. Jamari for the keyboard I broke & Tajan for my monitor I just spit hot chocolate all over…

      As for Sweetness…nawl. iCannot.

  5. What in the hell? I can’t and I won’t. For me, if I met up with him it would defeat the purpose of why I like men. That is not what I signed up for. I want what I want and won’t settle for less lol.

  6. I can’t son. Nah. This guy looks like what would happen if Mozart and James Brown had a baby and Prince and Little Richard were the godfathers (or mother in L’il Richard’s case).Too much for me although he would make a great (Halloween) party guest.

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