Maia Campbell Wants A Benefit Concert For Mental Illness

like the rest of us,
ll cool j saw that recent video of maia campbell and got concerned.
he posted this on his twitter:

well maia reached out!
this is what she had to say via holly gozzip

maia likes the word,
so clearly,
she is still being exploited.
she wasn’t making any sense in what she was saying.
she said call her mother tho?
bebe moore campbell has been dead 11 years now.
like i said,
maia doesn’t want the help right now.
it takes strength and focus to drop habits and turn your life around.
even within her mental illness,
you can tell she loves where she is at.
just continue to pray for her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Maia Campbell Wants A Benefit Concert For Mental Illness”

  1. Hey another sad video, but according to fameolous Maia is being held at Dekalb County for a mental health evaluation and waiting on family and an intervention team to find her place to get treatment. I was so happy reading that. I hope Maia successful completes the treatment and keeps herself on the right track.

  2. Hollywood is the demon and demonic people run it. The devil is loose and on the rampage so I stay praying. FYI she has Bipolar Disorder she should always have someone with her, because that person can make sure she takes her meds. I have a niece dealing with it, and I dare a foul mouth demon to come for her. I’m gonna pray about it, because GOD changed my heart years ago so I forgive those who say negative things about me, mines and others then wanna try to make it seem like they’re trying to be nice. This is why Maia should stay away from worldly people altogether. Worldly people don’t mean us any good which is why I keep my distance.

      1. My cousin has it as well. When I saw what happens when he doesn’t take his meds, it was a bit unsettling. He was threatening to kill his parents, so much so that they had to hospitalize him for a period of time. They now make sure he takes his meds.

        @Trae…If the actress Jenifer Lewis can admit that she had a problem and addressed it, why can’t Maia? She took her health and well being into her hands when she saw it becoming a problem for her, she didn’t leave it to others or turn to drugs. I’m sure not everyone in Hollywood is the devil. Those are the self-serving ones who look to take advantage of a person when they are weak and at their lowest. From what I’m hearing she’s had offers of help, and she took them, and was doing well.
        What happened that caused her to spiral downward again? She still has people gunning to help her, but she is turning them down. Like Jamari said, perhaps she’s where she wants to be.

      2. Yeah, his episode had him going from one extreme to the other. He was threatening to kill his parents because they were trying to get him to calm down and get him to the hospital before he injured himself. That was not the kind-hearted kid I grew up with, whose diapers I changed and also watched Disney cartoons with.

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