Things Are Gonna Get Stranger in 2017

i love the netflix show,
“stranger things”.
i binged it in a day.
it is a very deep show underneath it all.
well i was excited to see it’ll be back this fall.
they hit us with a teaser trailer for the upcoming season 2

i love the cinematography of this show!
all i hope is…

They explain what happened to Barb!

i felt so sad about her outcome!
“stranger things”,
season 2,
hits netflix on october 27th.

those who haven’t watched,
i suggest you start.
it was GOOD.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Things Are Gonna Get Stranger in 2017

  1. I love this show. The characters, the sci-fi/ horror elements, the timeframe, and the cinematography are all great. N I don’t think we wil get an update on Barb, unfortunately. 😔

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