Madonna Is The Only Legend Standing (And She Knows This)

ya know…
i like most of of madonna‘s music,
but she is ruining her legacy.
madonna was awarded “woman of the year”,
for some reason because what has she done this year,
at the “billboard’s women in music” awards.
she gave a good speech about being a vixen in the industry,
but it wasn’t until she said this…

sometimes i wish madonna wasn’t so thirsty for attention.
she just does too much.
it must be hard to be a fan/stan of hers.
i thought that was a tacky thing to say.
what she should have said was:

“we lost a lot of legends throughout the years.
i’m still here,
through it all,
and representing for the my fallen peers that i came up with.
it’s almost overwhelming as i’m still one of the greats left.”

her original statement comes off like she is bragging.
i personally wouldn’t have clapped.
i really need madonna and mariah to get their iconic houses in order.

they are both really making me sad with the foolishness.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Madonna Is The Only Legend Standing (And She Knows This)”

  1. I heard about this last night. I think I know where she was TRYING to go with the statement but it didn’t come across well at all. Just sit down Ma’am.

  2. I know she’s iconic, but I wouldn’t put her on par with those (most of em) that she mentioned. Kinda presumptuous to me.

  3. Mariah is STILL here AND Janet is STILL here ARETHA is STILL HERE PATTI is STILL HERE AND Chaka is STILL HERE! These are L E G E N D S! The first two are icons, but luckily their still here.

    Not to mention their wouldn’t be a madonna if it wasn’t for Cyndi Lauper..

    1. Cyndi Lauper deliberately styled herself differently from Madonna because the labels tried to pit them against one another. Madonna was more calculating and “ruthless” while Cyndi was seen as wild and crazy. She followed the rules, whereas Madonna did not, and Madonna ended up having the bigger career because she was the “riskier” one.

    2. You should add Jodi Watley, Pat Benatar, Grace Jones, and Bjork as well because she jack bits from all of them. Do Your pop homework and you shall see. You know, what happened to the Legends and Icons who just live in the success of the legacy that they built. You don’t see Pat Benatar running around talking about she is a Legend, she let’s the lifetime of work speak for itself. Besides Madonna has not really been making that “Legendary” music much anymore. Sounds more like one the kids stuff, here today gone tomorrow. A true Legend would not act the “Old Bitch In the Club” all the time.

  4. Oh Madge, another foot in the mouth scenario. She should have definitely worded that better because like Tyson said, there are other legends still with us (by the grace of God) and that should not be overlooked.

  5. I am not really a Madonna fan but I have to defend her in this instance.Unfortunately we live in a time when everything is about the 30 second soundbite.Her speech was good,IMO and that snippet was taking out of context.She talked about her 34 year career.She talked about being raped at gunpoint on a rooftop when she first moved to NY when she was 19.She talked about losing almost all her friend to AIDS in the eighties.She talked about dealing with sexism and misogyny.Talked about the women she was inspired by like Blondie,Aretha Franklin,etc.

    To make a long story short she talked about her journey through her career and that she is still here and she feels lucky she is still here when so many others are gone.

    BTW I still think she is thirsty AF,self absorbed,media whore,etc😂

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