Gilion Clarke Got Soul and Will Eat Your Coochie Right

so everyone meet gilion clarke.
he goes by the ig handle “@hesgotsoul“.
now i got about 2 emails and a tweet about this wolf.
this all happened in the course of the same day.
i had to go check him out…

yeah he fine.
uh huh.
i’m sure i’d ride that dick like a locomotive.

who wouldn’t?
the problem is wolves like this:
…tend to be fuck jackals of the highest capacity.
now i’m sure some are genuine,
but others get a huge side eye.
whenever i see wolves promoting this:

“treat your vixen right!”
“eat her pussy til she pass out”
“i love love and i want you to love it too…”

…but mysteriously single.
why is this?
i want see what your last partners had to say about you.
i don’t know if it’s the new yawk in me,
but it always seems like game to accumulate new pussy.
lonely and desperate vixens always fall for this type.
now gilion might be different,
but his instagram is telling who he is.


his lips aren’t greased up because they’re chapped.
i say fuck all the bullshit,
go get your cooch ate,

if he is there the next couple weeks,
and passed all “fuck jackal’ tests,
then you got a winner.
i’ll allow gilion if he is a winner.

lowkey: he looks short.
like fun sized.
the dick looks like it’d be good tho.
any vixens want to go get us a dick report?

picture and videos credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Gilion Clarke Got Soul and Will Eat Your Coochie Right”

  1. I saw him on some other site somewhere today! Not my Type at all. These guys are great eye candy but I am attracted to the nerds..That take care of themselves of course.. I meet these guys in the gym everyday and they see nothing but themselves.. It takes all kinds to make a world, I am told!

    1. You sound like you are fed up with the attention whores. Shit, I am too to be honest. If it seems as if they have nothing else going on for them besides their looks, it is a wrap for me.

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