Madonna Just Needed To Feed, Tis All.

wrgo05it keeps her young!
do i even need to get into this?
this “madonna and drake/succubus” situation…

this reminds me of when fiona good from ahs coven drained dude life.

you know you too old for this fuck shit.
drake was acting like her dentures fell in his mouth.
this meme explains it perfectly:

300r1n4 lowkey: i want to believe she bit him and she didn’t embarrass herself…
imagine if drake smashed anyway?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Madonna Just Needed To Feed, Tis All.”

  1. Is this all she does at mtv awards? Kisses younger music stars to stay relevant. Smh girl just bow out gracefully from the game

    1. As much as I love her…it is time to either pass the baton or just release your music without carrying on like you did back in the day! You were younger and didn’t have kids!!! LOL

  2. I DO NOT believe in putting hands on a woman but her ass would have caught this fade!!!

    At this point it isn’t even about age but more so class and that’s what madonna has always LACKED!


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