Madonna Is Falling For Love (Fallen Heart)

madonna_cryingdamn madonna.
she was performing her single,
“living for love“,
at the brit awards and busted her ass.
i hope she is okay,

…is it wrong that i snickered?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Madonna Is Falling For Love (Fallen Heart)”

  1. It gave me a little chuckle. It blended well with the choreography.

    (。 >艸<)

    Thank God for the backing track.

  2. Lawd knows I didnt want to laugh at a Sr. Citizen, but damn Im crying, Lawd please forgive me, but after hearing those vocals, they did the right thing to drag her ass off the stage by any means necessary. I feel sorry for the crew because I know she let their asses have it after that was over. I hope she has met the deductible on her Obamacare to get look at because at her age she may have damaged something.

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