lizzo and her truth hurts azealia banks

i’m really into lizzo.
when i first heard “juice“,
you know i was sold.
( x see that entry here )
i listen to her album,
cuz i love you“,
on repeat for hours at a time.
well lizzo got her first #1 with her song,
truth hurts“…


which is one of my favs.
i didn’t realize that video was released in 2017.
azealia banks was so overwhelmed with such emotion,
this is what she allegedly posted on ig

once upon a time,
long ago,
we were praising her rise to the top at one point.
we all thought she had a solid chance to take the number one spot.
now she’s sitting on her phone,
dragging any and everyone,
who is making moves.
imagine being that bitter?

can’t relate.
lizzo been grindin’ out here for years and deserves her roses.

I thought Azealia was a champion for black women to win?

…or was she only a champion for herself?
i’m happy for lizzo and i hope for many more years of success.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “lizzo and her truth hurts azealia banks”

  1. I can understand where she is coming from and she makes sense. The problem is the message is so clouded by many unnecessary comments.

  2. WHY WHY WHY….I know everybody has an opinion, but this child will just not worry about herself and her career. I mean I like straight shooting people and all but gotdamn she just keeps putting nails in her coffin. She gotta know by now that the industry does not like outspoken black women (I’m not saying its right but just look a Kanye and tell me I am wrong.) At some point she has she has got to realize that her time to get a bit of spotlight is running real short. Short to the point that I don’t think you will report on her Jamari. I get that there is some Cooning going on but homegirl need to learn to pay that shit dust like those of use that use good sense. If you don’t like something change the channel. One more thing I do agree that Jessie J can sing Adele under the table!!! I think Adele has a bigger Demographic with her song choices but Vocally she can’t see Ms. Jessie

  3. This bitch stay writing dissertations about money moves that OTHER’S ARE MAKING. AZAELIA where’s the music sis? Where’s the moves. You’re so hypocritical one minute you’re going at Cardi and others pretending that you’re speaking up for Women but you’re a hater. Lizzo has worked her ass off been performing underground for almost 5 years ON HER OWN booking shows before she was signed. Lizzo was a whole indie act. I hate bitter folks no matter what you do they’re complaining. AZAELIA is a professional troll now. Kiss her career bye and go get help

  4. Thank you all for reading her Instagram blurb ( seriously ) . I saw her name and instantly decided the best way to deal with her is to IGNORE HER !!!!!

    [Jamari , I love you and mean no disrespect to your always fantastic writing . You and your readers truly inspire me and provide hope that intelligence is not extinct] Now if only ” what’s her name” .. oh yeah Azaelia would become extinct ..….Fame fleeting

  5. Although AB’s comments come of as bitter, and the deep-rooted bitterness can overpower her message, her points are super valid. People are so blinded by ratcheness and their emotional attachment to “strong black females” that they wouldn’t know the truth in what AB is saying if it smacked them in the face. Corporate america is not mass promoting anything that is uplifting or empowering to the black community. At at time where the world is imploding before our eyes, the black music that corporate America (aka white supremacy) has strategically allowed to become mainstream is absolutely egregious and has no substance whatsoever. It’s called programming with a degenerative purpose. It’s been going on for so long that it has become normalized to most of you… those without a conscious have no clue..sad. I mean, would you want your daughter portraying herself like that to the world? Oh. wait. I think I know the answer. smh.

    1. you guys are so fixated on the love and hip hop, basketball wives, and real housewives media programming that all you see is someone “hating on money moves?” (that are funded by who exactly?)

      1. Y’all are acting like Azealia has actually done something for the black community when I’m reality she’s the biggest coon of them all. Skin bleaching and practicing Santeria she ain’t no black freedom fighter she’s a fraud. She represents pure coonery, how dare she talk about a college education BLACK woman that actually knows how to flow and play instruments. If you ask me Azealia is the real coon google her name nothing but bad articles and press she’s threatened Iggy, Lana Del Ray, Beef with Rihanna she’s threatened by any woman doing more than her

        1. Ok. I never said she or acted like she did anything for the black community. Any her religious practices are relevant because?

          1. *Ok. I never said she did or acted like she did anything for the black community. And her religious practices are relevant because?

  6. These comments made unfollow AB on IG. At a certain point you just have to get tired. I get the gist of what shes saying but the core of it is what bothers me. There’s this kind of nastiness to her critique, you know? I feel like if people hear her say and explain how she feels then people would get it. She should’ve discussed this on her podcast.

  7. AB can be a brute sometimes but If you filter out the snide body shaming comments, she does make a lot of valid points.

  8. I’m happy that fat black women have a new champion in Lizzo. Everybody should have representation in the marketplace. I like Good As Hell and Tempo. But I can’t get into her esthetic. Congrats, I wish her well.

    Azealia had one of the best songs last year with Anna Wintour, too bad she didn’t capitalize on it.

    1. I think a lot of people feel like that about her. I had a recent conversation with someone who actually came with the same concerns. Yikes indeed!

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