another one leaves the “exotic paintings” christian mingle

so another one bites the dust.
drevon odoms
(that’s his name, right?)
isn’t doing “exotic paintings” any more.
as you know,
he was one of the stars of the sip and paints with lamonte.
this is what he had to say on ig

he was one of the better newbies they recruited.
he tagged them so it wasn’t a bad break up.
this is what he put on his twitter:

maybe he realized his worth and wanted to do his own thing?
he is sexy af..


his “onlyfans” is the best out of all of them.
even lamonte’s amazing thighs can’t save his “onlyfans”.

Any of the f-bi knows the real scoop of why he left?

i’m sure there is more to this story than being told.

lowkey: didn’t another one of the stars leave “exotic paintings” too?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “another one leaves the “exotic paintings” christian mingle”

  1. To me he out shines the rest you can make more working solo and no one comes to paint anyway I wanna book him for a massage wink wink I definitely will

  2. Stopped following the ladies since Lamonte stole my damn money! But Lamonte, sis…since I know your read the blogs (because I told him about his large gay following)…when I see you, RUN ME MY COINS!

  3. Wait a minute these other guys have onlyfans pages where are they, I was thinking about checking out Drevon because you said it was good , I didn’t know Lamonte had one too.

    1. Lamonte’s ONLYFANS is awful. You’ve been warned! I’m glad for Tank tho! he posted on his IG that he will have an acting role in this new Gay TV series in October

    1. Seriously these Instagram niggas/thots need to realize no one cares really. If they actually used their following to offer they wouldn’t be so dependent on BS. They way it’s a bunch of the “models” at a party I’m surprised if they get over 200$ in tips a piece

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