You Left, But You Forgot To Take Out The Trash

a union formed on mutual benefit.
i actually formed a surprising alliance at work today.
liar liar should be scared…

when i got to work today,
i got an email saying liar liar was taking the day off.
“family emergency” it said.
“thank god!” i said.
the day actually went by smooth without her there.
yesterday was the same as well.
she didn’t say one word to me,
nor did she address me about any work related issues.
i’m pretty much doing my own thing and she is as well.
as the day went on,
during my online window shopping time,
this thick black female came into my area with thing 2.
she was introduced as:

“the girl who use to work here before me”

vincent-price-o-rlyshe worked in the department i’m in for a 2 years before she left.
she also knows liar liar’s ways very well.

“so i’m sure you’ve dealt with that bitch around the corner?” she said.
“yeah and i’m still dealing with it,” i laughed.
“mmm mmm she still doing this same corny bullshit?” she turned to thing 2.

lets just say she had a lot to say about liar liar.
i heard about her through various people,
but i never thought i’d meet her.
in a nutshell,
she said liar liar:

 is crazy
lies about everything
acts out when she feels threatened by people who actually do their job
tried to get her fired on many occasions with lies
has people who like her for whatever reason

is too busy chasing a married man to be focused on her work

she said she nearly fought liar liar after work on time.
SeanP-ohreallyshe gave me a full run down.
i was so glad she did because now i don’t feel it wasn’t me.
it was good to hear it from someone who was going to be honest.
she was over the constant disrespect so she found a better job.
funny enough liar liar told me that our boss fired her.
her parting words to me was:

document everything
keep her at a distance / work related
watch some of these mail room guys as well especially the one she is fucking
kill everyone with kindness
continue to do a good job because she hates when the attention is off her
get in good with others at the company
don’t get stuck

she said thing 2 told her i was doing a good job and caught on quick.
i guess she wasn’t trying to throw me under the bus as well.
before she left,
she gave me her email address and told me to keep in touch.
she said if i ever need another job,
she could help me with leads.
even though i like my job,
i’ll still keep her in my back pocket.
you just never know.
i do how to deal with that lying bitch accordingly.7it feels like i was given a silver bullet or became an x man.

“keep my eyes open,
my mouth shut,
and keep my claws behind my back.
” – marisol, devious maids

that isn’t the only thing that happened today tho…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Left, But You Forgot To Take Out The Trash”

  1. See didn’t I tell you. After you started reporting liar liar’s behavior, I said “what if they’re lying about the previous workers being ratchet.” I said it months ago and I said it just yesterday. That’s a shame that she’s able to get away with that. Luckily there are people higher up than her. They must be blind to not see that people who have held your job keeping leaving or getting screwed over under liar liar’s watch.

    I wonder how many times she pulled them fake cry baby tears out when she got caught up. That girl was a blessing and it seems liar liar is apart of it as well. Helping you get connects to connects and all.

    But um… liar liar tho, sounds mentally unstable.

    1. ^god was answering my prayers.
      everyone who prayed for me as well.
      i was so grateful this girl walked in with a hand me down sword.
      liar liar is CRAZY.
      i am really convinced that bitch is insane.
      I keep asking how a mother could act like this?

  2. Kareem is right. Keep doing your job well and follow that angel’s advice to the letter (because God sent you an angel to comfort you right to your desk — you didn’t have to go NOWHERE LOL!) Follow her advice to the letter. And take her up on the offer to move to another job. You don’t need to be under stress like that.

  3. Praise god almighty, her cover is blown! Jamari I’m telling you liar liar exist in most job and is an unfortunate you had to be the specimen. Now you know the facts, you need to own your place at that job. Liar Liar sound like she bipolar and mentally unstable. Somebody do a background check on her! You know you should ask your alliance how many people came before you. And I agree management must be blind.

  4. Something is definitely wrong with that woman, and she needs to get in touch with herself and reality. Going around chasing married men and causing issues in the workplace. SMH.

  5. Jamari. It is important for you to recognize what has happened here. You have called on the universe and it has given you an answer and clear direction. You know her behavior has nothing to do with you but her own insecurity, you’ve gotten specific advise from someone who’s been in the exact position, literally speaking, and also a lead to move on to another job when you feel it’s time whenever that may be 6 months, 1 year, 2 yrs from now. Continue to put out positive vibes and call upon the universe/GOD/greater power (whatever you choose to call it) to bring good things into you life and it will show you the way. This here is actually proof!

  6. You might take her up on her offer of leads, NOW. The fact that liar liar has a history of disruption that had been ignored by your employer suggests that she ain’t the only thing rotten in Denmark. My concern is that you get fully back on your financial feet by stacking up 6-8 months of savings in a safe place. “don’t get stuck” May be the best advice she gave. It has been a tough stretch for you recently. Don’t let your memories of living close to the economic abyss convince you that this is your forever job. This may be the right now job leading you to the next place and liar liar’s role in your life is to make sure you don’t get too comfy.

    1. ^soooo agreed jay.
      this whole job is teaching me everything you said.
      working there is lowkey making me strive for more.
      i set up my savings and I’m gonna do my duty to get my rainy day money.
      i also want to look for other outlets in my talent so I can be out.

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