Goodbye (Onto The Next One)

c8e40a4e49476e020b0073b836faf989he gone ya’ll.
i was at the copier and felt this hand squeeze me on my waist

i was confused like “wtf?!”.
i turn around and dominican wolf was in behind me.
he was wearing a tank,
jean shorts,
and some jordans.
he also had a bag.
he told me that he quit because he got another gig.
he only came to clean out his locker.
he said it was a pleasure working with me.
he said he would keep in touch.
i replied the same,
gave him a dap hug,
and then he left.
as i watched his fat booty bounce as he walked off,
i felt kinda sad i wouldn’t be seeing his fine ass again at work.
sadle sigh.

dominican wolf

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Goodbye (Onto The Next One)”

  1. Aaaawww!!! 🙁

    Well he did say he’d keep in touch. Maybe he’ll stop by your place one night, drunk and ready to do anything with whoever is near him. 😉

  2. Aww part of me in a weird way rooted for you guys and the other part of me was like, “STAY AWAY FROM MY TWIN”! Given your history. Maybe he really WILL keep in touch.

    I remember telling you I would hit you up for advice but that mess is LONG GONE AND OVER.

    The NEW NEW I got for you is sickening. And I’ll most definitely tell you about it later because I got to get ready to meet him later.

  3. I always loved hearing about this Dominican wolf. But what I never could figure out is if/when/how you confirmed out the Dominican wolf was gay/bi. And since you said he lives near you, will you be seeing him anytime soon?

    Are you going to binge watch ‘Orange is The New Black’ this weekend?

  4. Jamari: I don’t think the story is over for the Dominican dude. Text him next week and let’s see what happens. And please watch Orange is the New Black…great series!

  5. I must be a love sick nerd but I think it’s so cute he got your attention that way. I hope there is a sequel to this story for the two oh you 😉

    1. Yea…it was cute alright lol. Straight men do not get another man’s attention that way. That dude gets down, and I said that before. I also said that Jamari is detectable to fellow dudes who into other men. I think we all are.

      1. Actually, some dudes do. It all comes down to culture and what’s acceptable in your society, your experience shapes how you view things. Straight Black men because of hyper masculinity would never get another mans attention that way, Dominicans and Spanish culture over all is slightly different, they show a lot of affection and it doesn’t mean that’s is sexual. I have Dominican straight friends and see it all the time. Jamari just take it for what is presented. A man who happens to be good looking was cool with you and wanted to say goodbye as he moves on to another phase in his life. That’s all. Why spend anytime trying to figure out if he is straight or not. I hate when we gays do this. If he was the least bit interested in you he would’ve let you know. Some people are just not meant to stay in your life for an extended period of time.

  6. Woah he touch your waist? And he came to tell you that he was leaving? Oh he does like you. I hope you said something like “You better contact me or I’ll beat you up when I see you.”

  7. This is Great news! The only thing I didn’t like about him was that he works with you and you already have too much drama at the new gig. Now that he is employed elsewhere, get on that! Even a little ratchet one night stand action is acceptable. God knows you are overdue!

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