50 Cent Is A Queen

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.40.48 PMa queen with very big muscles.
no i’m not dissing 50,
as i love him so,
but he proved he was a “queen” on jimmy kimmel live the other night.
he has a big movie coming out and well…

…i told ya’ll be was a queen.
Idris-Elbanow although i love 50 and wouldn’t kick him out of bed,
he is another one in the “defend the beiber” mafia.
he said this about justin bieber to jennifer o’brien of the sun:

‘I don’t think he’s racist,’ he said. ‘I don’t think he even knows who he is at this point – he’s so young. When you see people become huge stars real early, it’s tough for them.’

He added: ‘You have to grow up with all these expectations. I think Justin’s still a baby and he’s lost.’

*loud sigh*
curtis jackson obviously does not want me to purchase his newest album,
animal ambition.
whatever justin got in his ass or his mouth
he needs to package it and sell it.
i ain’t never seen these negros go this hard for their own.
justin could be doing the “nae nae” with a black man hanging from a tree.
they would still be defending him.

“nah yooo.
justin was trying to cut him down.
thats why he was doing the nae nae.
he was swinging the knife that you didn’t see…”

…or some other foolishness.
this hardcore stanning by these new blacks for justin bieber is kinda bizzare,
isn’t it?
why are black artists only speaking out about it?
where are the opinions from the whites?
the ones who will tell you in a minute send his ass back to canada?
where dey at?



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “50 Cent Is A Queen”

  1. Okay nevermind! I was about to be turn on by him with his suit, but guess what I’m back he’s not attractive anymore. Anyway he sound like he’s on the slow side, if you know what I mean.

    1. ^he looks good in the suit.
      he also looked great here:

      drool much?
      but he lowkey turned me off with this justin bieber nonsense.
      usually he isn’t so forgiving.

      1. With that body? Hell yea I would drool. Yea that’s strange for him to be forgiving. Hmmm either he’s doing a record deal with him or fucking him cause you know how entertain business are. But let agree 50 cent is good for fucking and rapping, and anything beyond that. No.

  2. I always find the pitiful poor child star to be a sad excuse for bad behavior because Justin was about 13 when he hit big. If he didn’t want to be a celebrity, why didn’t he put down the guitar, turn off the camera, and go play hockey like most Canadian boys. I find that to be such a lame excuse because the people who become stars ala Britney, Lindsay, etc… it partly pursued by them too. It wasn’t just 100% the parents. Trust me, I know parents can force kids to do things they don’t wanna do. I was forced to play football but it didn’t last long. At some point these people’s careers start drying up and the people try there hardest to keep their buzz going. Please spare me the “he/she became famous as a child” excuse because they all have had chances to leave show-business behind and settle for a normal life.

    Enough can’t be said about these new Blacks. I have had non-Black friends before, that doesn’t mean I forgot who I was. Black people put way too much clout in non-Blacks. It’s almost akin to the ones that badly want half-breed children and are so proud when they say they have a biracial child. Meanwhile the non-Blacks don’t really give a shit about us. So much so that they don’t even care enough to respect our heritage and our history by not saying the N word.

    Like you said tho, Black people defend racists more than they defend their own kind. Now you know why we stayed slaves for over 200 years. Then y’all wondered why I said “good riddance” when I said Black people will be bred out of the human race. I only said that because we have so much potential but it’s going by the wayside because we’re so focused on everyone else but ourselves.

    I would go more into it but I’ve repeated myself too much when it comes to that topic. Despite the fact that Africans(in Africa) have it together somewhat, they’re still in the same boat. New Blacks run rampant in them as well.

  3. No comment on the video lol.

    Fifty is fading, so he does not want to say anything that might hinder his future career, what is left of it anyway. Justin is young, most the industry supports him, and if 50 does not agree with the majority he may be disowned by the industry peeps. He ain’t fooling no one.

    Instead of commenting on Justin, he needs to go see his son and try to fix that relationship. I am sure his son had certain expectations of what he would be as a father. Yea, I went there. Damn deadbeat.

  4. Well, he’s not the only celebrity that speaks on subjects without knowledge to speak on it or with the use of faulty logic. For example, Morgan Freeman recently said something like “Income inequality has nothing to do with race.” And he cited himself as “proof” of that. See http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/06/04/oscar-winner-morgan-freeman-says-income-inequality-has-nothing-to-do-with-race/ Well, he apparently doesn’t know the difference between anecdotal evidence/proof (himself as an example/proof) and statistical/cumulative evidence/proof.

    And, of course, we see such faulty logic and addressing subjects for which they know nothing frequently by non-celebrities too. For example, I recently sent an person a link to an article about the football player, Odell Beckham, Jr. ( https://www.facebook.com/fizer1/posts/10203876362218080 ) as an interesting article about an NFL player–like Michael Sam. The article speculated that Odell Beckham, Jr. was on the DL. I got back from the recipient of the email “This look like some shit your sick ass made up!” That was without any basis to believe that I fabricated the Facebook posting and/or the Facebook comments and/or the other links noted in a Google search on the subject. It was an insult. Needless to say, I don’t intent to be so friendly to that fool again.

    Faulty logic, foolishness and shooting from the hip in making stupid statements can be costly.whether you’re 50 Cent, Morgan Freeman or my email recipient. You may be seen as a fool or stupid and such people are to be avoided.

  5. Hey Jamari,
    Have you ever thought that the reason people are defending Justin Beiber is because when he recorded those videos e was just a kid? Yes, he was old enough to know better but he was still a kid nonetheless. I personally find it hard to condemn people so young for attitudes that they are taught by their parents and surroundings (remember he is Canadian, not like there is a well-known history of slavery in Canada). He probably grew up with white people saying the ‘n’ word (in private) and believed it was “no big deal”.

    Secondly, I think we have to reform our ideas of racism and learn to identify the difference between “being racist”, “making a racist comment”, and using the ‘n’ word. Now to be fair, I am from the Caribbean and we don’t take “racist comments” as seriously as Americans (at least I don’t). Justin Beiber was a child when he made those videos, and I am sure all of us have made some types of racist comment or stereotype (whether verbally or in thought) throughout our life. It is just like Mark Cuban was trying to say. We are all slightly racist, but it is how we handle our racism that will define us.

    1. Nah, that’s bullshit. Either you handle it and let people know it’s not alright or you continue to let them keep walking all over you so the problem persists.

      Defending Justin and agreeing with Mark will not help Black people progress in any way shape or form. Plus, that BS “everybody is a little racist” is only used by White people so they can keep their old ways of thinking.

      Funny. New Blacks, old Whites. White people stay winning.

    1. That may explain why they are taking up for him. As a wolf, that is a plus for me lol. At this point though, Justin couldn’t even give me that, no matter how good it may be. Nope.

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