Tumblr Got It Right

OKYESi love the people i follow on tumblr.
funny story about me and tumblr actually…

some folks from tumblr were having a big meeting at my job a while back.
they were meeting with my old boss and i had to organize that meeting.
i was so excited when i was assigned that project.
anyway when they arrived,
i was able to express how much i love tumblr and all that is does.
my old boss likes how i speak to people and make them feel comfortable.
i can switch on the “charm” when needed.
i also try to be honest,
but not in a disrespectful way.
so i told the tumblr folks that i was scared when yahoo acquired tumblr.
i told them how every other thing on my timeline was protest against tumblr.
we all didn’t want tumblr to change and become corny.
by corny i meant take away all the “adult material” that i love so much.
you know when a big company buys a little one,
they like to change the swagg with their vision.
they all laughed and said tumblr will continue to stay the same.
tumblr is for creative and expressive people.
we speak with pictures because its for a visual community.
you know i’m animated so i love it.
so if yahoo changed the dynamic,
and censored people’s creativity,
it would have potentially lost what makes it so magical.
they said it meant alot i was able to tell them that.
they really appreciated my feedback.
tumblr will always be cool in my book.
i like when i can do that tho.
talk with people and they actually listen to my opinion.
no matter who they are or how important they are.
dreams for the future fox.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Tumblr Got It Right”

  1. Wow, are people still that dense? That’s like saying a first grade teacher who molested a young boy isn’t a pedophile because he has yet to touch any of his students. It’s already been proven that even people in interracial relationships with biracial children can still be racist against their spouses kind. So roll your eyes if someone says “I’m not racist because I’m married to and have kids with a _______ man/woman.”


    I know what you mean about the big company taking over a little company can ruin it’s swag. Youtube has been crap ever since Google bought it.

  2. Didn’t Donald Sterling sign black players? He was in control of all that shit. I heard he didn’t want Chris Paul playing there or Doc Rivers coaching, but he took them both. They use us for popularity, talent, and when it benefits them financially.

    People are so damn dumb. SMH.

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