I Come In The House and This Is What I Get?

tumblr_mmcyvrJ5HP1qfvayio1_500i need to talk about this dream i just had…

hence why i’m updating so late.
a fox was tired.
been tired all day.
note to self: don’t take “zzzquil” on a work night.
the turn down is real.

anyway so onto this this dream i had…

i was at my job.
i was talking with one of the mailroom wolves as a friend.
strictly platonic.
not attracted to him at all.
only thing is,
my job was not where it is now.
the same people were there,
but the scene was in some suburban area.
so i invited the mailroom wolf i was cool with to my crib to play video games.
i also wanted to introduce him to my parents as the “cool one at my job”.
my job seemed to be around the corner from my crib.
the house in my dream was nice.
it was a white single family house.
anyway so we get there and my father was in the kitchen.
i introduced dude and they shook hands.
i could hear the mailroom wolf talking faintly,
but my father just stood there.
as long as we didn’t burn down the house,
my father didn’t really care what i did.
so i go to the living room and my mother was in there.
she was behind a curtain and was talking on the phone.
i could hear her,
but i couldn’t hear what she was saying.
i tried to introduce him to her,
but she said she didn’t want to meet anyone right now.
she was acting lowkey rude.
different from how she was in person.
so i told him to wait outside because i left one of my video game controllers at work.
i know.
so he goes outside and this is what my mother says to me:

“could we get settled here before you start being like a whore.”

Excusemei was shocked my mother would call me a “whore”.
so you know i’m feisty.
i replied:

“um that is my friend and that was actually really rude.
why don’t you start acting like the mother you were before we got here.
you should try that.”

when i looked,
i could see her getting up off the chair.
you know that was my que to exit.
when i got outside,
i apologized to him and we started walking back to my job.
my phone rang and then i woke up.
other things happened within the dream,
but i can’t remember them.
i only remembered that part.
me being called a “whore”.
when i say that shit shocked the fuck outta me?
i wonder if my phone didn’t ring,
if it continued with my mother chasing me down the street with her belt?

i couldn’t get away with that line without at least a slap in my face.
slapcould my mother be any more cranky in heaven?

6 thoughts on “I Come In The House and This Is What I Get?

  1. I like your dream. But I also had a dream where my mom and I had a very heated argument at this farm that I think we own because the next thing was I was taking a bath and my mom storm in with this trident and put it around my neck to drown in the water. My own dream mother trying to kill me.

  2. Wild dream you had there. Apparently your mom knew what the deal was. She knew you were probably interested in him lol.

  3. Lol sound like your mom was possessed by Madea. I have dreams like that too. I try to lucid dream because I’m tired of my dreams always sending me back to high school. I wish I could have sex dreams although I don’t want it to get messy like the last time I had one.

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