LeBron Should Always Dive In Head First

Well, ultimately that is my fantasy…

No, he hasn’t shown me yet how he usually goes head first then….
Sorry (cough).
Lebron decided to try his luck jumping into a pool from 33 feet in Barcelona Spain.


Lebron’s body is so manly and strong.
Anyone else see his round tail and hulk like arms from that far?
You want to see them up close?




Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “LeBron Should Always Dive In Head First”

    1. Lies! I dont care how his walked seemed in the last few second of the third video just after he walks past the came and they pan down. Those are all Lies! lol

  1. I love a man who aint skurred to strip down in public. Well,,,,If he looks fairly decent.lol. Saw the vid on tmz, it’s too far away 🙁 Bronbron got major cakes. Prolly dick too…

  2. YngBlkWolf :
    Yess! I can imagine those long legs & limbs wrapped around my waist as I pipe him down…mmmm

    Really? You’d hit that? Wow. You have really varied tastes in men.

    Are most wolves like that?

    1. On a strictly sexual basis, yes. I tend to like them shorter than me — maybe cuz it’s hard to wrap up a taller bamma in my arms (I’m 6’1), but I find various types attractive. But most of the dudes I’ve dated seriously have a similar thread … I think. lol

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